• BFA in  Music Composition/Theory @ U.Mass Dartmouth, MA 1990
  • MFA in Recording Studio/Music Composition @ SUNY Purchase, NY 1995
Statement of Purpose:

I've been making art and music in many styles and mediums for many years and hope to continue to do so for fun and profit for many years to come. I also hope to make the world a better place and encourage people to think for themselves and act accordingly.


I have played guitar, bass, drums, piano and sung professionally for 25 years.

  • Wrote, recorded and released many CDs in various musical styles. 
  • Scored numerous independent dance pieces, movies and videos.
  • Thousands of performances on various instruments across the US, France, Spain and the Caribbean.
  • Recorded and produced music and artwork for various groups and solo artists DBA Connections Unlimited.
  • Art & Photography:
    Studied art, photography and art history independently and/or inadvertently at many places around the world. I have no degree but I discovered after studying music in universities for years that you really don't need one. All you need is a passion for the thing. Still here are some places I've gotten whatever training I have:

    • Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MA
    • Le Louvre, Paris, France
    • El Prado, Madrid, Spain
    • The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

    I've been writing and publishing short stories and such for many years. I just completed my first full length novel and am actively seeking a literary agent and publisher.

    I'm new to the world of making movies. I'm working on producing one that I recently wrote. Check out the movie page for details on that.