Screenplay by Andy Toomey



1. Black


Fade into:

2. shot of baby being born

VO: “Man is born”


Cut to:

3. shot of casket at altar, closed

VO “Man dies.”


Crossfade to:

4. A different shot of baby being born

VO: “Man is born”


Crossfade to:

5. A man getting out of a limousine with beautiful wife and children

(what a lame image of success!)

VO: “Man succeeds…”


Cut to:

6. A shot of casket being carried

VO: “…and dies anyway.”


Cut to:

7. A third shot of baby being born

VO: “Man is born”


Cut to:

Shot of prison doors slamming on a dejected looking inmate

He is staring at the wall, facing right.



Cut to:

Shots of shadows of a pastor doing funeral rights

VO; “and dies anyway.”


VO: ”Sometimes on purpose.”


Cut to shots of suicide.

1. A man hanging 2. A man is eating a gun. 3. A wrist slashed. 4. A bottle of pills and booze on a nightstand. 5. A body is falling from a bridge. 6. Car crash


Cut to:

Title  shot – black background with letters cut out.

Bright light swirling around behind the cutout


(all first person…camera is the actor/character’ viewpoint throughout


Cut to:

Sun rises - 8 beautiful shots of the lovely Hudson Valley – 2 seconds each


Cut to:

Sun through window


Cut to:

Med shot; A peacefully sleeping protagonist.


Cut to:

C/U of beside table – clock says 9:10


Cut to:

C/U of phone – the phone rings. Once…twice…third time…


Cut to:

POV of Andy lying in bed – horizon sideways – bedside table

Me: “OK, OK, OK!” Grabs phone.


POV Andy sitting up.


VO the boss. “Toomey? You better get your ass in here! If you’re late for this meeting you’re fired! *click*


VO Andy “Shit!”


Cut to:

Andy in mirror looking shot. Monologue over morning routine.

“I have this fucking problem. “


Cut to: Brushing teeth

“My life looks like B movie…”


Cut to:

A different angle of shaving

“…a bad actor in a bad film with a bad plot that ends badly.”


Cut to wide angle shot of Andy getting dressed.

VO ”This is what I do…”


Cut to different angle of getting ready

VO” This is where I am”


Cut to different angle of getting ready

VO: “Life sucks.”


Cut to:

POV Andy turning car key


Three times until battery dies - Car won’t start.


VO “Fuck!”


Cut to:

Calling taxi sequence


Pacing back and forth on the phone

“Hi I need a cab at..”

“We have nothing available. Sorry.”

…fail fail fail (repeat)

Successively quicker/closer cuts showing increasing frustration




“Yea he’ll be there in 5 minutes”


Cut to:

View of cab driver’s back over the TZ Bridge (checking views)


Dialog with cab driver … life sucks

This dialog is the important part…

“If I could only win the lottery…but I don’t play.”


Cut to:

Traffic jam!

Cutting to watch every N seconds

Fuck it! Pay driver hurriedly and jump out.

Running sequence – voice over bitching about life…life sucks

There’s the office

Made it!

Scene 6 - Some unexpected delay with the secretary = security…whatever

Cut to boss on speaker phone

Client: We’ve been waiting ten minutes on the phone from Japan!!!

Boss: I’m Sorry, I told you he’d be here this time! He‘ll be here!

Client: No! That’s it! I’m tired of waiting around for you people! I’ll give our 5 million dollar account to xxxxx!”

Boss: “No, wait !”

Client: “Click”

Scene 7 - Too late!!!!

Boss is pissed…Boss monologue - you’re fired.

Scene 8 – You’re Fucked - Just trying to get back home to bed

Clean out desk/ Walking monologue

Calling taxi sequence…fail fail


Shit, look in money left...fuck it…no call back


Picked up by freak and mentally tortured (dialog)

Girlfriend calls on cell phone…

Breaks up with you on the phone (while freak tortures you)

“SHUTUP!!!!!!” to cabbie and girl

Traffic Jam AGAIN

Get out and walk AGAIN (go straight to jump off bridge? Then jump off bridge sequence?)

Walking monologue

Scene 9

Beaten and robbed by teenagers!

Scene 10

Crawling home in the door

Monologue over evening wash up routine

Looking at gun

Lay down in bed “Everything will be fine tomorrow.”

Turn out light


Sad song…credits roll…

Sudden wake up with loving girlfriend comforting you from nightmare

Close up of protagonist,,

“Shit.” (gotta lay off the pepperoni pizza before bed” ?

Phone rings..

Big look

Big electronica musical outro with final (farcical?) credits