TITLE: The Treatment version 1.3b

03/24/05© 2005 Toomey All rights reserved

MUSIC – Add cues. Each character should have a theme, each pair a variation on those themes, a main theme to accompany the intro, outro and ultra-violent scenes


CHARACTERS (in order of appearance)

Sloan; Assassin for hire and violent psychopath

Ritchie (voice of) Assassin’s ‘booking agent’ (also stolen van man – non speaking)

Mr. Moss - The Mob Boss who orders the hit on Sally

Mr. Moss’s wife

Red; Second Assassin

Sally Norman, The target – Moss’s ex…she knows too much

Angelica Devlin, femme fatale extraordinaire


LOCATIONS (in order of appearance)

Hudson River / City views

A Coffee Shop

A Gas station

A hot tub

A Bar

A Park

Angelica’s place

Red’s place

A Street



A stolen van, a non descript clunker and a mean sports car



Sloan and Angelica are sexy, black trench coat types.

Red is stylish and Sally is a gum chewing Bronx type.


PROPS – A gun each for Sloan, Red and Angelica, plus a passel for the duffel bag

Squibs/firecrackers & fake blood

Lots of fake money for the duffel bag












Title sequence:

One-second action shots inter-cut with white text on black B.G.


Black - Screaming digital hardcore beat fades in:


Cut to:

1. Smoking gun, screaming face, speeding car


Cut to:

2. Connections Unlimited Presents


Cut to:

3. Bag of money, pile of guns, C/U of cigarette being lit


Cut to:

4. A Daily Blotto Film


Cut to:

5. Hot tub with bodies floating, cuts fro E/C/U to WIDE, horizon tilting as we go, a

half naked woman sitting up in bed (on top), champagne being poured.


Cut to:

6. The Treatment (black and white flashing)


Cut to:

7. Blood spatter on wall, slo-mo champagne glass flying, money being counted


Cut to:

8. Written, Shot and Edited at WWW.ANDYT13.COM


Cut to section 1:

C/U of smoking gun

Angelica V.O.: “I just emptied the clip of this Glock 9mm into the back of a man who wasn’t expecting it.


Zoom out up the arm to show Angelica’s face as a sly grin spreads across it.

Angelica V.O. “And let me tell you, it feels good.”

She drops her arm.

(beat) “Wait, (beat) I should back up.”


Whip pan to section 2:

Angelica V.O. “This is Sloan.”

1. Medium shot of Sloan thru coffee shop window




Cut to:

2.  INT. DAY

Sloan in coffee shop at table;

Angelica V.O “He’s a hit man.”

His cell phone rings. He answers “Sloan.”

Ritchie V.O. “Sloan, it’s Ritchie. Mr. Moss called. He’s got a job for you.

Go see him at this address. 1218 River Rd, Elmwood NY” 

Sloan writes it down.

Sloan: “OK, got it. Thanks Ritchie.”

Ritchie: “Hey, your business is my livelihood. Knock ‘em dead.”

Sloan: “Right. Later” Camera follows (pan) as Sloan gets up, and walks out.


Cut to:

3. EXT gas station

Van pulls up to pump, man gets out leaving van running. Sloan walks up, looks both ways, climbs in and drives off. Van Man walks out holding his coffee and snack looking stunned and extremely puzzled at the absence of his van. He looks left and right and slowly does a 360 turn looking utterly bewildered.


Cut to:

4. Int/Ext Driving scene

Sloan V.O. - several cuts of him in the van driving up the Henry Hudson.

“I am a problem solver; a doctor of sorts.

People often have issues. I make them go away.”


Cut to:

5. Sloan firing repeatedly at someone out of the frame on the ground. He pauses and looks, then fires again for good measure.

Sloan V.O. “Permanently.”


Cut to:

6. Over the shoulder shot of Sloan counting money

Sloan V.O. “And at a handsome profit.”


Dissolve to: (show the passing of time)

7. Low angle shot. Car tires pull into frame. Sloan gets out and we see his boots walk slowly by.


Cut to:

EXT – Day

8. Moss in hot tub drinking champagne with Jill.

Moss: “I love you baby”

9. Reverse angle; Sloan in black trench coat, hat and shades. “You wanted to see me?”

Cut to:

10: Moss, completely at ease. “Sloan! Nice to see you again!”

11. Cut wider: over Sloan’s shoulder. Sloan: “What’s the job?”

Cut to:

12. C/U of Moss eyes narrowing, then laughing. “Always business with you.”

V.O. Sloan: “Time IS money.”


13. Cut wider: different angle- Moss “Fine. On the table is a picture and all the details.

She knows way too much about my business and has become  a liability. I need you to take care of the problem for me. While you’re at it, have some fun. Give her The Treatment.


Cut to:

14-18 shots of what ‘The Treatment’ entails. Blood/screaming/torture/ultraviolence

14. A pair of dark shadows on a white wall, him absolutely beating the shit out of a woman while she screams hideously. Blood spatters on the wall.

15. C/U face, eyes wide, face battered and blood spattered, ball gag

16. C/U Hands tied behind her back with rope

17. C/U a nipple, clippers enter into frame

18. E/C/U eyes wider, screaming though ball gag


Cut to:

19. C/U of Sloan’s face as he reviews the folder

Sloan: (beat- smiles at the camera) “With Pleasure.”


20. Reverse angle Sloan’s POV flipping the page and photos.

“The price is the same; Half now, half upon completion.”

Moss V.O.: “See that briefcase on the floor there?”


Cut to: medium shot of briefcase


Cut to:

21. C/U of brief case as Sloan picks it up and pulls it out of the frame.

Moss V.O.


Cut to:

22. Reverse angle behind Moss’s shoulder, Sloan turns and start to walk off.

Moss: “Aren’t you going to count it?”  Sloan turns back.

Sloan “It was all there last time (beat) and the time before that.

I’ll call you when I’m done.”

He turns to walk away, turns back and says

“Oh by the way, nice new place you got here.”

He turns and walks away.


Cut to:

23. Shot of Moss and Jill. Moss shouts after him “Yeah well the previous tenants departed rather suddenly.



Cut to:

23a. Shot of dead bodies in ditch behind house.


Cut to:

Moss and Jill dissolve into laughter clinking glasses. They kiss.


Cut to:

24. View of a bed from the side. Two figures writhe beneath the covers.

Angelica throws the covers off her head panting.

You only see her from the waist up. She giggles dives back down out of the frame.


Cut to:

A beat of black


Dissolve into section 3:

1. INT Bar – day

Aspiring actress / waitress and ex mob moll Sally, working at a bar.

It’s empty except for Red. Sally is babbling at Red.

Duo shot of Sally and Red


Cut to:

2. Freeze on Sally.

Angelica V.O “This (beat) is Sally”


Cut to:

3. Duo shot of Sally and Red – Sally’s rant resumes

Sally: “…So then I says “Well what are you seeing him for? And she goes “Well he’s got all this money and a flashy new car.” and I’m like “My GAWD! Money and cars aren’t everything!” so then she goes…”


Cut to:

4. C/U of Red listening to Sally babble. Freeze on Red.

Angelica V.O. “This (beat) is Red.”


Cut to: duo shot of Sally and Red face to face over the bar.

Sally “Oh yeah, YOU don’t care about money! That bitch!”


Cut to:

5. Reverse angle – Sloan enters through the door in the B.G

The couple in the fore-ground are in focus. They look toward the door.

The focus shifts to Sloan in the background and he walks toward the couple until the threesome are in focus.


Cut to:

4. Med shot from behind counter of Sloan “Sally Norman?”


Cut to:

5. C/U of Sally “Yes?”


Cut to:

6. Different angle shot of Sloan “I have a message for you”


Cut to:

 Different angle shot of Sloan “from Moss.”


Zoom out to:

Sloan pulls out his gun. Sally screams.

Red hits him in the face with a pot of coffee from out of the frame.

The gun goes off but misses.


Cut to:

7. Reverse angle, Sloan wiping and clutching his face cursing as Red grabs Sally and yells “Come on!” as he drags her out of the bar.


Cut to:

8. EXT day – outside restaurant

Diner front (back?) door as Red and Sally burst through and run past the camera.


Cut to:

9. Dolly shot following the couple running along the sidewalk.

Sally: “Who the hell WAS that guy?”

She and the camera stop as Red runs out of the frame.

Sally: “Wait who the hell are YOU?”

He runs back into the frame grabs her and drags her out of the frame yelling “Come ON!”


Cut to:

10. Central park under the bridge – they run up and pause, panting.


Cut to duo shot:

11. Sally: “Listen buddy, I’m not taking another step until I know what’s going on.”

12. Red: “I’m pretty sure that guy was gonna shoot you for somebody named Moss. Any idea why? Who the fuck is Moss?”


Cut to over-Red’s-shoulder shot of:

13. Sally: “Why should I tell you anything?


Cut to med shot of:

Red: (beat) “Ah…how about because I just saved your ass?”





Cut to med shot of:

14. C/U of Red: “Besides, I was hired to protect you.”


Cut to:

15. C/U of Sally “(incredulous) “What?!”


Whip pan to:

16. Red (exasperated): “Look, someone’s paying me to keep you alive!”

Sally (V.O): “Who?!

17: Red: (beat) “I don’t know.


Cut to medium shot of:

17a. Sally: “What the fuck are you talking about?”


Cut to medium shot of:

18. Red: “(sigh) I have an agent who gets me work. I don’t ask where the cash is coming from; I just do the job. I find my lack of interest in names gets me a lot more work. Anyway, that guy obviously didn’t think twice about knocking you off in a public place. Want to tell me why? Who’s Moss?”


Whip pan to duo shot:

17. Sally: “Shit. Well…Moss is my ex. He’s a gangster.”

18. Red: (with sarcasm) “Oh, I see, your ex-boyfriend is a gangster and you’re SURPRISED someone’s trying to SHOOT you?”

19. Sally: “Well, I knew he was dangerous. That’s part of the attraction!

(beat) I just never thought he’d try to kill me.”

20. Red: “Well think again. In the mean time, you need someplace to hide out for a while. I’m right around the corner. You stand a lot better chance there than you will out here. He certainly knows everything about you and it won’t take him long to finish the job. I’m an unknown factor so it should take him a little longer to find.”

21. Sally: “How do you know all this?”

22. Red: “Experience. Besides, I’m going to have to take this guy out if I want to get the other half of my retainer so we’d better get moving.. ”

He turns and walks out of the frame.

23. She turns “Wait, I don’t even know your name.


Cut to:

24. Red’s back as he stops. He looks back over his shoulder. “Call me Red.”


Cut to:

26. Ext/street - Sloan walking through the city from various angles, looking pissed.

V.O. “Shit! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. I hate it when things go wrong. I thought that little bastard would dive for cover and beg for mercy. I must be slipping! One thing’s for sure: They’re BOTH gonna get ‘The Treatment’ now.”





Cut to:

27-30 More shots of what ‘The Treatment’ entails. Blood/screaming/torture/ultraviolence

27. C/U A blow torch heating up a pair of pliers

28. A knife cutting slowly through bloody meat

29. C/U one eye wide open in shock and fear

30. Black with horrible screaming


Dissolve to section 4:

27. Int/day – Angelica’s apartment, she’s pacing back and forth with the phone to her ear.

Angelica: “Look, just tell him he needs to finish the job. If he takes care of this guy there’s only going to be another one right behind him. He needs to solve the problem at the source…I don’t know, that’s his problem…yes…yes he’ll get the money.

Uh-hunh…great…Thanks.” She hangs up.


Cut to:

28. Sloan walks in the door with the folder from Moss.


Cut to:

29. Angelica’s reaction shot

Angelica: “What the fuck happened to you?”


Cut to:

Sloan: V.O “I had a little run in with a coffee pot.”


Cut to:

30. Duo shot of her trying to clean him off. He pushes her away.

Sloan: “OK, OK, OK!”


Cut to:

31. Low angle shot of them both he throws the folder on the coffee table.


Cut to:

32: Shot of folder contents spilling out, picture of Sally on top.


Cut to:

33: Low angle shot again.

Sloan walks out of frame saying: “I’m going to get changed.”

Angelica sits down on the couch and picks up the picture.

You see the recognition in her eyes. She takes a deep breath.

She gets up and walks out of the room.


Cut to:

34. View of a bed from the other side. Two figures writhe beneath the covers.

Angelica throws the covers off like before and screams. She smiles.

Cut to:

35. Angelica sits on the couch looking at the folder.

Angelica: “So how’s the new job going?”

Sloan (walking into frame with fresh clothes) ‘How many times do I have to tell you, Angelica, don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to. He grabs the folder.

Sloan: “I have to go. Now be a good girl and stay out of trouble, will you?” He leans in to kiss her but she turns her head.

Sloan: “Oh-KAY...” He walks toward the door.

Angelica: (calling after him) “I will if you will.” Door slams.

She waits a moment, then gets her coat on and walks out the door, slamming it.


Cut to black (2 seconds)


Fade in to section 5:

1.  Profile of Sloan on his cell phone. He’s walking; the camera follows.

Sloan: “Listen, Ritchie, you do NOT want to SCREW with me! You KNOW what I’ll do. I saw it in his face. He knew what was going down. Who is he and where does he live?  Uh-hunh. Uh-hunh. Good man. The life you just saved is your own.” He hangs up.

He lights a cigarette, smiles to himself and walks out of the frame.


Cut to:

2. Int – Red’s apartment

They enter. Sally sits down on the couch.

Red: “You should be safe here.”

Sally: “Safe? At this point I don’t know if I feel safe anywhere.”

Red’s phone rings. He answers.

Red: “Yea? Uh-hunh. Uh-hunh. Are you sure about this? OK, fine. Thanks.”

He hangs up.


Cut to:

3. C/U of Sally “Who was that?”


Cut to:

4 Red: (examining his gun) “Nevermind. I’m going out to talk to a few people and try and figure out what to do next. You stay here. Lock the door and don’t open it for anything. Don’t answer the phone and for God’s sake don’t tell anyone where you are. I’ll be back soon.”


Cut to:

4. Sally: “I’m not just going to sit here and wait for you!”


Cut to:

5. Red. “Just do what I say. You’ll live longer. If it wasn’t for me you’d already be dead.” He turns and walks to the door.



Cut to:

6. C/U of Sally’s face (yelling) “Yeah, well don’t do me any favors!” (pouts)

We hear the door slam. (2 second beat)


Cut to:

7. Wider angle, moments later. Sally is pacing the room. Out loud to no one in particular she says: “Fuck this!” She puts on her coat and walks out the door slamming it. The camera lingers 2 seconds on the door.

Cut to: 2 seconds of black.


Cut to section 6:  Now a series of progressively shorter cuts of the camera following each actor/actress walking. Sloan and Angelica facing stage right, Red and Sally facing stage left. Remember the girls are following the guys.

1. Sloan (2, 3, 4)

2. Red (2, 3, 4)

3. Angelica (2, 3, 4)

4. Sally (2, 3, 4)

5. Sloan (2, 3)

6. Red (2, 3)

7. Angelica (2, 3)

8. Sally 2,3)

9. Sloan (Beat)

10. Red (Beat)

11, Angelica (Beat)

12. Sally (Beat)

13. Without beats in between progressively quicker.


Sloan, Red, Angelica, Sally, Sloan, Red, Angelica, Sally,

Sloan, Red, Angelica, Sally, Sloan, Red, Angelica, Sally…


Cut to section 7: (climax):

1. Long shot of Red from behind Sloan (Sloan’s back to the camera)

Look of surprise on Red’s face.


Cut to:

2. Reverse angle of Sloan from behind Red.

Look of surprise on Sloan’s face.


Cut to:

3. Red’s hand grabbing his gun.


Cut to:

4. Sloan’s hand grabbing his gun.


5. Gun battle ensues. –slo-mo cuts back and forth between the two actors, smoke,

C/Us of guns firing

Cut to:

6. Red takes a flesh wound to the shoulder.


Cut to:

7. Sloan is shot in the stomach and falls.


Cut to:

8. Red runs up to Sloan.


Cut to:

9. Red puts his gun to Sloan’s head and throws Sloan’s dropped gun out of reach.


Cut to:

10. C/U of Red: “Not as good as you thought you were, were ya?”


Cut to:

11. Sloan’s face – shock…eyes wide unfocused


Cut to:

12. Red: “Let’s see what you’ve got here.”

13 (cut)

Cut to:

14. Med shot: Red searches Sloan and finds envelope of cash from Sloan’s coat



Cut to:
C/U of money in envelope

Red V.O.:Ah! Here we are!”


Cut to:

15. Sloan’s face; he focuses on Red.


Cut to:

16. Red’s face. He looks both ways.


BANG!  Angle looking up at Red – blood spatters on him


Cut to:

Red gets up and walks out of the frame


Cut to:


2 seconds of black.




Cut to section 8:

1. Med shot – Sloan lies in a pool of blood. Angelica rushes into the frame and kneels by Sloan’s body. She grabs the gun from Sloan’s hand, looks both ways and runs out of the frame as the sirens approach.


Cut to:

2. Red runs into Sally on the street

2a. CAW: we see Angelica kneeling by Sloan

2b. The camera follows them as they start to walk.

Red: ”What the hell are you doing here?! I thought I told you to stay in the apartment?!”

Sally: “Screw you. I don’t always do what I’m told. In fact I almost never do.”

Red: “Well I just saw your pal.”

Sally: (noticing Red’s shoulder) “My god you’re hurt!”

They and the camera stop on the two of them.

Red: “That’s nothing. Anyway, your problem I solved. Go home.”

Cut to:

C/U of Sally: “You have to go to a hospital!”


Cut to:

Med shot of Red: “No thanks. I just shot a man in the head.  I’d prefer to remain anonymous. I’m going to see your ex myself and stop this once and for all. Where does he live?”


Cut to:

Sally: (quietly & haltingly) “1218 River Rd, Elmwood NY’


Cut to:


“Great. My job is done here. Have a nice life.” He walks away.


Cut to:

Sally is staring after him. Her phone rings. She picks it up. “Hello?”


Cut to section 9:

1. Ext shot of Red’s car roaring by (right to left).


Cut to:

2. Red’s face; inscrutable


Cut to:

6. Angelica’s car roars by. (Going from right to left – same shot as Red’s car)


Cut to:

7. C/U Angelica’s face, more determined than ever.



Cut to:

8. Two views of Moss’ mansion.


Cut to:

9. Repeat shot of car’s front tire pulls into frame. Door slams. This time it’s Red’s car and Red’s boots walking slowly through the frame




Cut to:

10. Moss and his wife in the hot tub again.

Red V.O.: “Mr. Moss I presume?”


Cut to:

11. Moss whips around. “Who the fuck are you?


Cut to:

12. C/U of Red: “I’ve got a message for you. Your friend isn’t gonna make it.

13. Cut wider. “And neither are you.” He raises his gun and empties the clip.

V.O. Screaming!!!!!!

Cut to:

14. Hot tub only, no one sitting up. Champagne glasses; one of them is shattered.


Cut to:

15. C/U Moss’ face, splattered with blood, eyes open and unseeing.


Cut to:

16. C/U the back of Jill’s head floating face down.


Cut to:

17. Med shot of Red in F.G, out of focus Angelica in the B.G. The focus changes to Angelica in the B.G with Sloan’s gun. She empties the clip as the fuzzy image of Red falls out of the frame in the F.G.


Dissolve to section 10:

We’re back to the opening shot.

1. Zoom up to a C/U of the smoking gun

Angelica: “I just emptied the clip of this Glock 9mm into the back of a man who wasn’t expecting it.


Zoom out up the arm to show Angelica’s face as a sly grin spreads across it.

2. Angelica Voice Over

“And let me tell you, it feels good.”


Cut to:

3. Angelica from the knees down walking, she stops next to a HUGE duffel bag.


Cut to:

4. Over-the-shoulder shot of Angelica slamming down the bag on a table.

She unzips the bag. Yes, it’s FULL of cash, weapons and dope. She zips it up.


Whip pan to:

5. Rear view of Stella. Angelica throws the bag in the trunk

Angelica gets in the drivers side. She peels out in a cloud of dust.


Cut to:

Driving scenes – Angelica calls Ritchie one the cell phone

R: “Yea?” – A: “You’re rich. Nice doing business with you.”

R: (laughing) A: (hangs up)


Cut to:

Front view of Angelica pulling up into the frame and stopping


5. Angelica winds down the window and sticks her head out.

Sally bends down into the frame.

Sally: “Did you get him?”


Cut to:

8. View of a bed from the right side. Two figures writhe beneath the covers.


Cut to:

9. Angelica in car:  “I got him” (smiling)


Cut to:

8a. Angelica throws the covers off her head and shakes out her hair.


Cut to:

10. Sally: ”You got everything?” (nodding towards the bag)


Cut to:

12. Angelica: “Half a million dollars, heavy hardware and some serious party favors.”


Cut to:

8b. Pan down Angelica to see she’s on top of Sally.


Cut to:

13. Angelica and Sally kiss passionately through the window.

(cue music)


Cut to:

6. Rear view of Stella. Sally gets in the passenger’s side.

Both; (as they peel out) “WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!”


Freeze frame

Angelica V.O. “It’s funny how things work out. We both got the money…”




Sally V.O. “And we both got the girl!”




Both: (laughing!)


End credits roll over stills from the movie interspersed with live action shots

The Treatment starring:








Written by Andy Toomey with Darcy Murray

Filmed and edited by Andy Toomey

Music by:

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