This is the paintings page. Prices are negotiable. Framed prints are available sized to order. I also do commissions of particular subjects; sizes and colors to order.
Contact me for more information.

Sea of Japan 18x24  $400

The Cruel Sea 24x36 $1000  

The Storm  18x24 $600

The Concubine 24x26 $1500  *SOLD*     

East River Morning 24x36 $1500

Tubed 24x36 $1500

Green Sea 18x24 $750

Bash 18x24 *SOLD*

Blood Roses I 18x24

Blood Roses II 18x24
$300 each - $500 / pair

The Trailing Edge I             

The Trailing Edge I I
Both 18x24
$300 Each - $500 / pair
                                                                                                       Yin and Yang I                           Yin and Yang II
                                                 $500 Each 
                                                 $750 / pair 

Fastnet 18x24 $200     

Sail Ho 18x24 $200 *SOLD*   

Sunset 18x24 $200 SOLD

Sunrise 18x24 $200 *SOLD*

Red Girl 18x24 *SOLD*    

Mountain Girl 18x24 *SOLD*   

Greece18x24 *SOLD*         


Da Vinci  18x24 *SOLD*