Love Rhymes

Flexible, incessant

High spirit on the move

Lovers chant in descant

Get off on the groove


Shining, whining free on

Spirit fading fast

Dreamers scream in neon

Forget about the past


Waiting, still expectant

Looking for a rhyme

White and disinfectant

Yet subtly sublime


Eloquently styling

This gleaming stream of thought

With rhythm so beguiling

That love so soon forgot




Fleet - the small bird flies away

Wings gently above waving trees

Receding gently into the horizon


Pierced - the hunterís arrow strikes

Breaking slight wing to bring

Death landing on the earth


Child - the small mind weeps and cries

For it did not deserve to die

He stands alone and wonders why


A tear - honest without fear

Falls on broken body here

Seen through eyes a-blind and bleared


Life - through love it seems to bring

The bird attempts to stand,

Succeeds begins to sing


Fleet - the small bird flies away

Wings aloft with childís gaze

Who stands his jaw agape amazed




Beautiful crystal thunder cloud

Drifts aloft unknowing

Wearing summers golden shroud

Floats, a soft wind blowing


Crystal crystal

Shine, shine

Upon thy soul I resteth mine


Little girl sits and laughs

Again at things unseen

White light moonbeams crystal shafts

Chagrined what might have beens


Crystal crystal

Please donít cry

Youíll succeed

If you just try


Beautiful voices speak aloud

Love is shown, loveís showing

Love is riding on a cloud

Love is known, loveís knowing




The Field


Green grass, bright flowers

Crushed down with the weight of our passion

Hot sun, your dress undone

And strewn across the daisies

I lift and stretch and mold you to my needs

I shift and twist and you bend me to your will

We are one


The Shower

Warm soft water

Trickling down your back

Sparks a fire in my heart

Your gentle hands

That flutter, like birds

Over my skin and give me gooseflesh

Your slippery legs give me shivers

And I quiver with antici - pation

You melt like butter

Salty, yielding

On the floor

And it is done




Cruising through the park

Sky slowly growing dark

I see you walking by

You glance and catch my eye

A spark jumps the gap, bright hot blue

And stopping in our tracks

The heat, in waves, attacks

Magnetically attracted and

Weíve got to feed the need

And there against the tree

You give yourself to me

And I catch the scent and burn

With your fire

Drawing down your skirt

You ripping at my shirt

And the animals

Go slowly



The Lake

Splashing naked

In the lake

Teasing, pleasing

Attack, retreating

Touching, seeing

Chasing, fleeing

Caught you. Turn

And kissing me into oblivion

I am lost

Climbing quickly to the shore

Heaving heavy

Dripping sweat and needing more

And I chase you round the tree

Hypnotizing with my eyes

Entranced, you dance

Naked, enticing

And I concede




Chains of Gold

Swift, enamored, fleet to fall

Stern and armored, one and all

Free to fly, afraid to move

I try and try, but sadly youíve

Hid your heart with walls of stone

The seed of pain, so deeply sown

Cannot abide a love so bold

And wraps itself in chains



Peace my lover

Fret no more

Tears fall painless on the shore

Of an ocean, deep and wide

Planets pulling

Moons collide

Peace my friend

Fret no longer

Sometimes pain

Can make you stronger

Shouting crowds may scream and throng

But they canít make you sell your song


Peace my brother

Donít you sweat it

If you canít deal

Then just forget it

See you finally broke your tether

Hope down there you find fair weather



Sonnet to the Sun

Her rich ultra violets have blinded my eyes

Iíve stared at the sun far too long

Entranced by her beauty, I gaze at the sky

My sad heart breaks out into song


Crystal clean crystalline, up in the blue

Her wisdom so far past my years

Sun shocked and locked up in her amber hue

She cares not for my sightless tears

O mother sun, o you electric sun

Youíre my queen

O mother sun, o may your will be done

Youíre my dream


Her bright aimless visions have taken my sight

Too long have I stared at my queen

Her loving warmth soothing my eternal night

Helps me recall what Iíve seen








Stern and subtle ocean waves flow across the sailorís graves

Time in time the blink of an eye, fishís chainmail, seagullís cry

Crab in armor on the beach falls within the seagullís reach

A child sees, face ashen gray, the sated seagull soars away




Filled up to capacity

Prepared to unload

In this society

You get fit into a

Mold of insecurity

Emotional coldness

Tempered purity

Just watching as your destiny

Prepares to unfold


Itís such a strange calamity

The sick and the old

Get named insanity

And live on the road

Forgoing property

They never dress for proper tea

Or go to university

Or carry their load


The critical political

Establishment so cynical

Statistically clinical

A rather wide variety of

Of martyrs with their piety

Displayed for all of us to see

Their high moral code


The simple folks like you and me

Are climbing slowly from our trees

To sail upon an endless sea of troubles

Without care.



Love Anymore

Little blond-haired beauty queen

Says to me OK

I canít leave my husband

But Iíll be your lay

What the hell is marriage for

It seems like eternal war

She donít love him

Any more

I see my ex-girlfriend

She says she still cares

Every time that we make love

Iím so bored I stare

Whatís the point here any way

Iím so sick of it I say

I donít love you

Any more



So amusing, so capricious

My precious little starling

Darling it is better

For bitter sweet passion

Is sweeter when wetter

And those precocious stylings

So infinitely beguiling

While whiling away the hours so fashionably

Drive and thrust my dusty pride

Inside a bottle

There to hide

Beside attempted suicide

Forgotten and alone

Free my soul to laugh

So unsuspicious

My bright delicious sunlight sprite

So right for me in every way

On every dark and cloudy day

Please stay a while and tease me

Say that youíll remain and

As we slowly go insane our

Lust will flow through

Rusty drains unchained

Forever more.






Portrait of Pleasure

A portrait of pleasure

While taking my leisure

Languidly licking

Your musky pink treasure

Your limbs all a-quiver

Your frail body shivers

Lusciously loving you

Into oblivion

Hot beyond measure

A passionate seizure

Tongue slowly flicking

My skin like a feather

The picture of bliss this

Misses lingering kisses

Wistfully twisting my soul as she hisses

Master oh please

Take me faster and break me

Love me or kill me

But please donít forsake me.


ďBut miss youíre mistaken,

All the women Iíve taken,

Have sooner or later

All wound up forsaken.Ē

Yet below and above her

I pushed and I shoved her

And damn if I didnít just tell her I loved her.























Short and Sweet

Ice cold beer

The campus bar

A sweet subtle hint

The walk to your car

And a kiss much more borrowed than stolen...


Unshed tear

A twinkling star

Wedded to pain

With a soul that was scarred

But a heart much more rocking than rolling...


The summer that year

The things we are

Champagne Ďní nicotineís

Thick black tar

A sweet tasting memory of falling...


Unspoken fear

Aching and hard

The ash of my heart

Broken and charred

And the sound of your

Husbandís voice calling...


Ďtwas short and sweet

Like summerís heat

And I hope we meet again my friend

And may you enjoy

Your brand new toy

As much as you loved me


Good luck in school

Maintain your cool

Until the bitter end again

And when you think

You need a drink

Have a drink for me












Majik Moment

Magic moment

Frozen fast

Picture still

Plaster cast

Fame and fortune

On the fly

Picture perfect

Slowly dies

Rock Ďní rollís

Pretty maids

Those junkie holes

Die of AIDS


Drawing a Tie

Memory sparkles sharp and bright

Itís hard to tell whatís wrong from right

You stand still in your endless flight

And fade to black to see the light


Try to fit circles in squares all day

Ignore the cost, the price you pay

Forget the rules of the game you play

And try to draw a tie


Thinking of You

Sweet jaded innocence

Reflects in your eyes

A mirror before me

Shiny and blue

Seeing my own face

Eyes amber disguise

No way around it

Iím thinking of you

Seems in my dreamscapes

Youíre on every turn

No way to tell

But I knew

Those salt sultry images

On my retinas burn

Feeling so pleasant

Iím dreaming of you

Slow fading luminance

The moon on your skin

Just on the edge

Pushing through

Painful impermanence

The sinner and sin

Become one for a moment

Remembering you



Ya Dudda

Ya dudda da dudda

Dah dudda da dah,

Ya dudda da dudda

Dah dudda da dah,

Ya dudda da dudda

Dah dudda da dah,

Ya dudda da dudda

Dah dudda da dah.


††† ta dah!!!!





Sixteen? No youíre joking.

She canít be that young

It must be that joint that youíre smoking.

It must be youíre just poking fun.

She comes like a daydream and moves like a star

She canít be too young to be driving my car!

But taming that demon who claims Iím the one

Was easier far when she was twenty-one!



Candelight Shadow












†† clap

††† crap

†††† trap

††††† trip

†††††† grip

††††††† grit

†††††††† writ

††††††††† wait

†††††††††† bait



Box of Clay

The lift of the pen

Or stroke of the sword

The characters nodding

Their silent accord

Toward the mad dance of chaos

In the bright land of light

With laughing and crying

The smiles and tears

And thousands of lines

Getting dropped through the years

Still curtains fall

Curtain calls close the play

To molder forever

In a box in the clay



Impassioned Moment

Impassioned moment

Passion spent

Imprisoned wandering lonely

The leading edge of night

Briefly bright

Thrashing solvent

Slightly bent

In terror running blindly

A mad unceasing flight

Toward the light

Rashly flagrant

Heaven scent

Sensation that is only

The bleeding ledge of fright

Not quite right

Brashly vagrant

Torn and rent

The error finally turning

Sad releasing sight

Pales to white




Sing a song of six packs

A belly full of rye

Four-and-twenty Bud talls

Living to get high

When a beer is open

The bubbles start to rise

Donít know why Iím hoping

That it wonít cloud my eyes



What 2 Do

Insatiable desire

Sweet anesthesia

Unquenchable on fire

It was never easier

Fully stacked aphrodisiac

Lips so red and eyes so black and blue

What to do with you?

Positively positive

Sweetest panacea

Passion pure and love so bold

I guess Iím just growing old

An over-acting heart attack

Fully whacked out hate to say itís true

What to do with you?

Sorry that I feel this way

Thereís no way I can sing today

Nothing I can sing for yet

My voice too rough from cigarettes

My fingers sore from rusty strings

So neither can my guitar sing

To you what am I to do?



La Femme

La femme

The bright sunrise

Shines in your hair

Your bright green eyes

Tell me Iím there

It might be true

No more rain

I canít wait to

See you again

If you look youíll

Find the answer

The question asked has a

Strange reply

In the morning youíll see clearly

You wonít wonder why

Itís the way you move

Itís the way you walk

Itís the way you groove

Itís the way you rock

Itís the way that you

Tell me just what to do

Party all over my block

We can make it if we try

Spread your wings and you can fly



Polly Rhythmic

Standing by the stage

Just slightly underage

In purple lipstick

A fully stacked overacting

Heart attack

Named Polly Rhythmic

It was an East Side

Free ride

Lickety split

Another trick

Slippery nipple

Way hip

Uptown chick

Named Polly Rhythmic

Photographic dipstick

Starring in a pornographic flick

Quick pick

One-way ticket

Out for a kick

Polly Rhythmic

Smack hack

Cracker jack

Flat on her back

So smooth n slick

Super flip

Day tripper

Ready to strip sheís Polly Rhythmic



The Movies

Overcome with aggravation

Iíve been getting quite impatient

Want to start a new sensation

Whole wide world a single nation

Like in the movies

Stimulation simulation

Itís becoming regulation

Who needs all that masturbation

Got to get to penetration

Like in the movies


Hookers hangin at Penn Station

Livin on a quick gyration

Could be time for contemplation

Put some latex on that patient

This ainít the movies



What Is It About U

Sun drenched plain, a wind washed field

Under the sky so wide

Something about the way you feel

Something I just canít hide

Feeling that wonít subside


Donít know what it is but I like it (3x)

What is it about you?


Moonlight shining on your breast

Dark red curls so fine

Feeling so good, better, best

Floating in red wine

Darling you are mine


Donít know what it is but I like it (3x)

What is it about you?


Sweat just glistening on your skin

Kiss your lips so sweet

Knock on your door please let me in

I miss your funky beat


Sunshine you are my sunshine

Moonlight you are my moonlight



Matt Dah Frat Cat

A fat frat cat named Matt

Hatta hat zat sat pat

A vat that nattad n chattad

Anna ratta tatta type gat

Dat spattad an splattad

Gray matta like batta

All ova da choich udda

Latta Day Saints sometime las Sattaday.



Money Power Sex and Fame

Money power sex and fame

The more things change

They stay the same

A minor nuclear exchange

After all itís just a game

Umberto echoes feared deranged

The rose stays red

So whatís its name? Itís gimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimme power money fame and sex

To pay in cash

Instead of cheques

A piece of gash

From someoneís ex

Sheíll take her cues

Iíll just directsheíll gimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimme

Fame money sex and power

Political king make

Millions cower

Fat white snakes in

Cold steel towers

This is the hour

For us to go and get ours gimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimme sex fame power and money

Soft as silk and

Sweet as honey

Motherís milk

From Playboy bunnies

Hanginí with the ilk

From the pages in the funnies





Lick my thickness

Stick my prick

Itsa cinch Iíll

Give you inches

Nice tí meetcha

Have a seat

Eatin my meat

To the funky beat

On your knees you

Wontcha suck my thumb

An if you please

Iíll make you come

Howabouta quick one

Hiccup my dick

My flyís undone

Now flick my Bic

Give me head

Here on the bed

Thatís what I said ya

Thatís feelin fine

Reelin on the floor now sixty nine




One fucked-up unhappy soul

While I was keeping her young

She was making me old

Married womanís lover

So big and bold

I saved her but

My soul got sold

She was so beautiful

I fell into one deep abyss

When I fell asleep

With this sweet hot miss

I tried to recreate her state

Of sexual bliss

But the price of my soul

Was a single sad kiss

She was so beautiful

Now Iím wasting my time

On words and rhymes

Trying to forget

The sound of her chimes

But I canít forget yet

She was on of a kind

And my silent tears fall

As I lose my mind

She was beautiful



Silent Surrender Pt1

She doesnít want diamonds, cars, or minks

But it doesnít matter what I think

And I think I need a drink

Thatís why Iím on this bender - silent surrender

Phone sex free just dial up

Itís hard to keep my smile up

And this fifteen car pile up love

Is just a fender bender - silent surrender

Sheís sleeping she is woken

But not a word is spoken

Every time that she gets broken

Thatís when I try to mend her - silent surrender

You canít change time and thatís a fact

So marshal your forces for the coming attack

The letter I sent just came back

Marked returned to sender - silent surrender

Leather soul and high top sneakers

I smoke a bowl and crank the speakers

The things I do they sometimes freak her

Who ever said that theyíre the weaker gender? - silent surrender

It came out worse than I intended

And she came out of it offended

I feel the pain that I engendered

A great idea so poorly rendered

Iím sorry that it ended

In silent surrender



Thru the Air

The saints and the sinners

Live out their lives

Dodging the bullets

And the well placed knives

I did not mean

To shoot that man

But the gun went off

Right in my hand

Bullets flew

Through the air

As I stared

Def and dumb

At the gun

In my hand

The few and the fearful

Hide in their homes

Giant steel towers

And concrete domes

The young and the restless

Live on the edge

But I did not mean

To step off that ledge

Falling free

Through the air

Without a care

All in all

Itís not the fall

Itís the sudden stop

The old and the lonely

At last left alone

With no earthly possessions

Or homes of their own

And watch my own life

As it still unfolds

But I do not hope

To get so old

Seeing me

From the air

With long gray hair

My vacant stare

A silent glare

In the end



Muses Uses

Understanding my muses many uses can be quite demanding her standing

Hand on hip stone white dress and blood red lips tipping her glass till it spills and itís practically killed me a number of times

With her cold dead words and def dumb rhymes caught up in couplets and I grow quite contrite not to mention uptight trying to gain some control of the ungainly plane that Iím flying till I feel like a mime shouting silent words feeling screaming swords cutting through the tender fabric of my brain I suppose you could say that itís rather a strain I didnít and still donít intend to attempt to suggest Iím exempt from temptation I know that I tend towards this aimless oration in fact itís a source of severe aggravation with yuddas and duddas falling over themselves till it seems that my best ideas end up on shelves I guess sooner or later some bright aimless vision that I stole from some much greater poet will present itself in such a way that youíd scarce even notice my mission remaining insanely incomplete me meekly and neatly defeated by the muse who insists I continue rhyming garment and varmint till I nearly vomit with disgust at the comet and cupid and prancing sweet vixenís incessant insistence and my mindless persistence of memory believing Iím leaving when really Iím coming I think Iím on top but Iím really just slumming while numbing integrity laughs in my face I just keep on running the opposite direction from everyone else in the race



Do It 2 Death

I usually gain my inspiration from pain though I try to refrain from sounding inane (or completely insane) but I seem to remain unable to avoid it and I generally end up rhyming endlessly

I despise punctuation since in real life (as if my poetry were separate therefrom) I more or less ramble and babble with pauses only for breath and please try to forgive the pun but I damn well am going to do it to death the crystal meth all around me Iím glad itís not found me yet but I bet it will eventually my being such a junky is taken for granted but I planted my feet so damn firm on the ground that I scarce see a thing and I canít hear a sound but I wonít leave a trace of the space I took up while I was alive except perhaps for a book or tape or two but these hardly last longer than a lifetime or ten so I sípose I should just rack it all up to Zen

Since my music and verse are so finite I might just give it all up still I canít seem to stop this or cop out at all as much as Iíd like to but since I must be me so you too must be you truthfully screwing off sniffing lifeís glue I believe that we must be getting off since this page is still swelling and shrinking and weíre drinking the apricot nectar aphrodisiac crackheads in place of a faceless contortion overdriven distortion of guitars and senses that stars are immense and dense as my verse I guess that it could be much worse cursing the fate that left me this plate of inedible chatter what the fuck does it matter if I like it or not since sooner or later Iím bound to be caught masturbating with these words and lazy phrases that no one really cares about anyway but today is still the first day of the rest of my life so Iíll put down this gun and go pick up my knife to pare off the edges of my bent twisted soul and if nothing else works I can always use coal to burn off the

Excessive distress that I felt from the moment I took off her dress



Stream O

Perhaps a small stream o consciousness yes while we ponder and wonder I wonder does it all make a difference and what do I mean by a difference and to whom already the stream is disrupted of course flowing on a completely different course in the time that it takes me to type this shall I not rhyme it I wonder what you think whoever you are and why are you watching me are you watching me who are you and who am I who is calling I would understand this if youíd understand this that is calling me into tomorrow tomorrow weíll all understand I donít understand I donít understand I donít understand I donít understand.



Leave Me Alone

Hello there

How are you?

That is fine

And so am I

It isnít true

And thatís no lie

Sorry I asked

I donít know why

Just leave me alone

Killing floor

Is killing me

Willing whore

Is filling me

When I want more

She slams the door

Iíve gone insane

Itís a quite shame

Just leave me alone

Dressing up

Like a man

Messing up

As best I can

Donít know why

I just did

Donít ask me

Iím just a kid

Just leave me alone

A house of pain

So gently built

With walls of guilt

That still remain

Unchain the fear

Thatís living there

I can hear

But I donít care

Just leave me alone



Gold Blues

I donít know how you can treat me the way yído

I donít know why you keep running away

I donít know how you can look in the mirror

I was your lover not just some cheap lay

I know that one day it all will come back to you

Sooner or later that shit comes around

I know that one day your lies will all end up true

Broken to pieces they lie on the ground

I canít see how you can treat me the way yído

I just donít see things the way that you see

Turn it on turn it off you donít know what you want

And I donít know what the hell you want from me

Goes around comes around thatís what I hear yíknow

And I am quite sure that is a fact

First say you love me and then itís just go away

What kind of way is that for you to act

Backwards and forwards you just canít make up your mind

Inwards and outwards you fit like a glove

Upwards and downwards you drive me out of my mind

Leftwards and rightwards your dodging my love

If you donít watch out one day youíll end up alone

Money and power donít mean a thing

Love is the only thing that really matters

And if you donít love him then give back his ring



Sister Moonshine

Sister moonshine on my shoulder

Good to see you here again

Lost in time Iím feeling older

So much more than I did then

Sister moon and brother sun

The deed is done

Tossed and turning

Torn asunder

By the things I feel inside

Crashed and burning

Like the thunder

Nowhere else for me to hide

Sister moon and brother sun

The deed is done

Brother sunshine my eyes blinding

Feel you softly burn my skin

Iím a seeker but Iím not finding

Any way out of the mess Iím in

Sister moon and brother sun

The deed is done

Tossed and turning

Torn asunder

By the things I feel inside

Crashed and burning

Like the thunder

Nowhere left for me to hide

Sister moon and brother sun the deed is done



Miss U

Uncontrollable fatal attraction

Set off a massive chain reaction

I gave you love and satisfaction

Was I just another piece of your action

I miss you (sorry to be a distraction)

Now that Iíve gotten your attention

Lest Iíve forgotten I think I should mention

It was never my intention

To be left hanging in suspension

I miss you (is love only sexual tension?)

Please excuse my confused confession

I donít mean to give the wrong impression

Itís just that she has become my obsession

Is passion just repressed aggression

I miss you (is love only an expression?)

Could I describe my aggravation

I fell I love above my station

I know Iím only a musician

How did I get into this position?

I miss you (missionary/69th home position)



Little Love

My little love

Sweet little woman

Just gotta say

Treats me OK

My little love sweet

Little lady every nite

She just loves me all day

We took a walk went on down by the seashore

Lordy my God she was lookin so fine

We had a laugh and then made love a bit more

Was then that she swore she would always be mine

My little love

Sweet little lady

Lovin to love nítreat me all right

My little love

Sweet little woman

Every day she just love me all nite

We went n dined at the fanciest places

Weíd go dancing the whole night through

Just another two of a thousand faces

Livin to die in our warm embraces (I mean dying to screw)

Chorus I

Finally broke down an I told her "I love you"

She only smiled and turned away

She said Iím sorry I donít know what love is

But baby yísure a good game típlay(a damn good lay)

Chorus II

I hear itís funny the way some love goes

You can end up with a broken heart

Here today and itís gone tomorrow

Over before you can really get started



Pleasure Dome

Welcome to the pleasure dome

Weíre gonna make you feel at home

With leather lace and polished chrome

Come on

Donít be shy just come inside

Thereís nothing that you need to hide

Just let us take you for a ride

Come on

Nothing here you need to fear

Wonít you let us dry your tears

Weíd really love to grease your gears

Come on

Just a little touch of class

Broken flowers and broken glass

A leather belt across your ass

Come on

Weíre so glad that youíve arrived

Youíll love this place that we contrived

Ďcause no one here gets out alive

Youíre gone



Be Here Now

Young and breathless

I sing loudly

Bright and aimless

Fun allowed

Wild and reckless

Free and easy

Standing high above the crowd


Mmm yígotta be timeless spaceless

Yea yígotta have no fear

Oh yígotta be thoughtless faceless

You got no choice cause

You gotta be here now


Old just breathing

I speak softly

Dull and boring

Just no fun

Lost and frightened

Trapped and troubled

Slowly dying

Beneath the sun


Mmm yígotta be timeless spaceless

Yea yí gotta have no fear

Oh yígotta be thoughtless faceless

You got no choice cause

You gotta be here now



What Next

Who knows what next?

Brand new day beginning

The next could be our last

How long must the future

Be guided by the past

The crystal ball so empty

The cards may all turned blank

If leaders solve their problems

With missiles guns and tanks

Who knows what next?

For now the day is over

Night is drawing near

Living in the shadow

Of our growing fear

Look the tide is rising

The fuse soon finally blown

To meet at last the reaper

Of the seeds of hate weíve sown




Driven to drugs driven to destruction

Weíre all livin on mass production

Driven acid driven to smack

Driven to cocaine driven to crack

Dirty needles aids infection

Livin to die for that injection

Driven to suicide on that brink

Dying for a cigarette

Driven to drink

When do you wake up n change?

Nuclear bombs drive me to distraction

We could all die in a chain reaction

Chemical warfare on that ledge

Weíre all livin on one thin edge

Port blockade an trade restriction

Causing international friction

Red alert sound battle stations

Waiting for annihilation

When do you wake up n change?

Driven to kill driven to that notion

Dumping waste in our toxic ocean

Mounds of garbage to the sky

Watching while our mother dies

Radiation poison air

Clear-cut case but hell who cares

Driven to sadness soon to die

Underneath the purple sky

When do you wake up n change?



Nukes Away

Nuclear bombs away, nuclear bombs away

Nuclear bombs away - today!

Try not to think about it

Remember to forget

Try not to think about it

You wonít have to fret about it

Nuclear bombs away, etc.

Uncle Sam knows what heís doing

Grins from ear to ear

Listen when he says ďdonít worryĒ

That should ease your fear about those

Nuclear bombs away, etc.

Try not to think about

Just one more bloody war

Peace donít worry much about it

Just another whore to those

Nuclear bombs away (throw those), etc.




Sexy rhythm spark of life

Bodies sweating sparkle like


Heartbeat pounding gets me psyched

Your pretty blue eyes sparkle like


Brilliant sunshine blinds my sight

The constellation sparkle like


Pretty smile blinds my sight

Your perfect teeth babe they sparkle like




Sheís My Heroine

Caesar had Brutus Rome had Nero

Everybodyís got their stupid heroes

But sheís my, sheís my heroine

Long dark night on a big white horse

She seems like a dream of course

But sheís my, sheís my heroine

They say a heroís just a sandwich

Somethinís been happening I didnít plan which is

Sheís my, sheís my heroine

Nothin plus nothin adds up to zero

Iím so tired tryna play the hero

But sheís my, sheís my heroine

Romeo Juliet Clark Gable Marilyn

Sampson Delilah Jesus Christ Magdalene

Sheís my, sheís my heroine




Heaven forbid baby

Best keep the lid on it

Donít wanna be no bee

In nobodyís bonnet


Did what I did I guess

I shouldnít be down on it

Cause if you offered it again

You know Iíd go to town on it


My best guess is

You must be messin with me

What you tryina do

Dressin in that getup?


While you smilin

Yer eyes a gettin wild on me

Listen here baby

This best be no setup


Donít you think that this might be pushin it?

Donít this seem a little bit strange?

Donít you think that itís a bit dangerous?

Ah what the hell itís all the same


Call It Love

Love walks up knocks n walks in

Takes off her clothes cause she knows

When they begin itís not a sin

Itís only love

At least she calls it love


Love comes round and she strips and gets down

Heart beat in time to wordless rhymes

She knows itís not a crime

And she thinks that sheís so sublime

But sheís only love

At least I call her love


Love can come just like a firefly

Love can come just like a lightning strike

Love is like a child dying

Sometimes love is just a woman crying

Sometimes love

Is only love


Love can be so much more than this

Soft caress and tender kiss

Sometimes love is lemon with a twist

And love is only

Hit or miss

They call it love

And you can call it love



Ass Kicker

Iím in the mood Iíve got the itch

Iím a street walkin ass kickin son of a bitch

On the road on down the line

Running with the devil and wasting my time

The drinks go down till the sun comes up

But it never seems to be enough to fill up my cup

Wouldnít it be nice if I said something witty

And gave you all a thrill

Talkin about some sweet little pretty

Girl that someone killed

Wouldnít you flip if I said nothing

Would you feel unfulfilled

Livin on the street can be so hard

Like a constant climb uphill



Lion & Lamb

The lion walks

While the lamb is sleeping

And the lion stalks

But the lamb is keeping to herself

The lion roars

As the lamb is weeping

The lions bored

As he creeps up upon another sheep

Now the lion runs

And the hunterís gunning

And the lamb just laughs

As the lionís running for his life

And he eats from the hand

Of the farmerís daughter

And doesnít think about the slaughter

And doesnít even see the knife



Elle Me Rend

Jíai une petite amour

Et jíai líadore

Elle est une tres jolie fille

Elle a mon coeur

Beaux cheveux

Et grands yeuxs bleus

Elle me rend joyeux

Jíai lui souris

Simple amoureux

Elle me sourit

Je suis joyeux

Elle est mon amie

Je la veux

Elle me rend joyeux




Some People

Some people love mass production

Some folks got cold hard cash

Some fools want mass destruction

And worlds of dumb white trash


Never knowing where theyíre going

Never knowing where theyíve been

Always freezing ever flowing

Never coming back again


Some people just got no feeling

Some folks just hop that fence

Some fools got senses reeling

Some times just got no sense


Some men have perfect timing

Some women have no control

Some clouds have silver linings

For those who sell their souls


Never knowing where theyíre going

Never knowing where theyíve been

Always freezing ever flowing

Never coming back again


Some people are two together

Some folks are too apart

Some lovers canít stand the weather

Some fools just got no heart



Explicit Lyrics

These lyrics are explicit

Theyíre totally obscene

Your children mustnít hear them

You must see what we mean


These lyrics are satanic

Occultist and deranged

These lyrics could cause panic

They must be rearranged


These lyrics are too violent

They beat you black and blue

You must do as we tell you when we

Tell you what to do


These lyrics are too sexy

Theyíll burn your soul in hell

Theyíre sado-masochistic and they sodomize as well


These lyrics must be censored

They should be rated x

For lez erotic antics and they mention oral sex



Tear Me Up

Naked and illuminated

By a candle flame

Making love until weíre sated

Hungry, unashamed

Tear me up baby

Under all of Godís creation

Who remains to blame

Some of us are armour plated

Some of us play games

Tear me up baby

One of us wears golden rings

One lives life for fame

You can always change the singer

The song remains inane

Tear me up baby

Still with all our subtlety

Itís easy to complain

You can beg for mercy

But you canít escape the pain



A Dream Apparent

A dream apparent

On the shore

Of a mind

In the darkness

Seeking resolution

For the days remorse

And the evenings loneliness


A sitcom of sleep

Acting out hidden emotion

A thought translucent

Slips through the network

Of the streets of the mind

Seeking realization

Through my fingertips

Itís the center of life

For that moment in time


A feeling electric

Coursing through

The chemical waterways

Of the soul

Instigating thoughts

That cause the dreams

Which cause emotion.






The wind is a whisper

Whispering through

The vast caverns of my mind



That cry

Like a heartbeat

Pulsating through

The memory of you



That scream

Like that painting

A moment of agony

Making me blind



A sigh

Like a whisper

The wind is only a whisper

Whispering memories

Of you




Storming and scathing

Blistering tears

Biting and scratching

Intangible fears

Dream awake screaming

Old love unrenewed

Empty and lonely

Feelings reviewed

Inches to touch you

Miles to speak

A mind somehow distant

My whisper a shriek

Begging and pleading

And endless remorse

Naked and bleeding

I yell myself hoarse

Aimless we wander

Painfully broken

Love torn asunder

A single word spoken




Dead Sailors

Time in time

Integrity failing

Sending the young man

Out to die sailing

Hunting for whale

We sing the sea chantey

Weather the gale

As we try to be

Shanít be

Thar she blows matey

Better step lively

Hold yer course strong

And harpoon quite tightly

Tars nothin for it

Sheís headed straight for us

Weíll die at sea boys

Dear Jesus help poor us

Swim fer it mateys

Sheís hit amid ship

If we donít get clear

Weíll go down with her to

Not that thereís anywhere

We could swim to

But you cling to your life

Iíll cling to mine too



Societyís Child

Drug slave street walker

Hard core punk rocker

Thatís the way

Society child

Chain saw blood shocker

Rich politicians talk

Itís a game

Society child

Television elevator

Murder itís exciting Ďcause

Thatís today

Society child

Gang bang coat hanger

Rape victim shang-hai

Itís a shame

Society child




A Woman Who Doesnít Exist

Iím in love with a woman

Who doesnít exist

My dream life her world

One in all

Her blue satin dress

And red lips that Iíve kissed

Iím in love with a woman

Who doesnít exist

At all

A magical vision

Of homecoming warmth

A dream much too sweet

To be lost in the dawn

Violent blue velvet

So softly sun kissed

Iím in love with a woman

Who doesnít exist

At all



Boxed In

Boxed in

Tied up

Losing my mind

Locked out

Lied to

Just canít find

My love

Nod out

Tied off

Shootin up stream

Sprung up

Strung out

About to scream

For help

Faked out

Trippin up

Havenít got time

Flaked out

Tippin off

That land mine


Laid out

Played through

Hole in one

Drinking wine

Feeling fine

In the sun

Itís all right



Empty Spaces

Iíve got lonely empty spaces

Standing in a sea of faces

Hundreds of thousands of people

All alone

Iíve got thoughts that canít be spoken

A back getting slowly broken

And I stand here wishing I could get you

On the phone

Iíve got my musical instruments

Iíve got frustrations that I canít vent

I sit at my grand piano

Falling asleep

Iíve got swollen aching hands

Iíve got a rocking and rolling band

Iíve friends and lovers that I know

I canít keep



Love by the Lake

Endlessly making sweet love in the grass

By the lake

I know you donít notice but you give me more

Than you take

That look in your eyes sweetly satisfies all

Of my needs

It makes it all worth my restoring your mirth when that

Son of a bitch makes you bleed

You give something I want and Iíll give you something you need


Walking and talking about all of the things

That weíll do

No one has ever made me feel this way

Except you

Older and colder but our lust is still

Shiny new

Wonít you believe that I just couldnít leave you

I canít face this life without you

U think that I know & I think that u know &

I think that I know U better than U think


Eyes softly shining you look so divine

All the time

I just canít wait till the day you are mine

Youíre so fine

You give just what I want & I give you just what u need

Sexy sweet velvet your lips are as soft

As a dove

What can I say but when I feel this way

I get the impression that I might be

Falling in love

U think that U know & I think that I know &

U think that U know me better than I think



The pain of parting is more than I can stand

And Iíd die to hold your pale white hand


Leaving you is more than I can bear

And Iíd die to touch your golden hair


The sorrow is pounding in my head

And Iíd die to kiss your lips so red

Just one more

Time again

I canít live away from you

And Iíd die to see your eyes so blue

Just one more

Time again

I cannot handle my desire

And Iíd die to feel your passionís fire

One more

Time again

Must you stay must I leave

And I canít believe

I canít believe itís happening




You and I

You and I laughing dancing in the sunset

You and I making love till morning light

You and I we were meant to be together

You and I we were never meant to part

You and I caring sharing dreams of passion

You and I never had much time to fight

You and I kissing touching in the sunshine

You and I friends and lovers from the start

You and I walking talking by the ocean

You and I making love down by the lake

You and I scheming dreaming of our future

You and I grabbing all that we could take

You and I setting all our dreams in motion

You and I staying saying I love you

You and I we were meant to be forever

You with me and I with you



Let Me Choose

Let me choose my own path not blind religious zeal

Upbeat rocking ragtime or rapid reggae feel

Let me beat my own drum (meat?) And march to my own time

Compared to mystic rhythm a star could seem sublime

Give me peace and freedom the stars galore and more

Censors? I donít need Ďem yeah and Tipper Goreís a whore

Let me walk my own road explore new realms of thought

Heaven must be searched for and hellís so cheaply bought




So you want originality

I hardly know where to begin

Itís hard to beat I heard you are what you eat

Original thoughtís worse than original sin


Yes I hate all this banality

But I barely know where to start

The mold is cast from echoes of the past

To attempt the unusual would break the mastersí hearts


Multimedia reality

Is something we all have to share

What I mean when I say never mind

Is I donít care but I donít care to be unkind


Donít declaim your lame morality to me

What does it matter what you feel?

Mediocre jokers form tomorrow from the borrowed

But all the greatest artists steal for their next meal


My claim to fame is the majority

To quote from greatness makes you great

Newness breeds contempt for mediocrity

And sows those ancient seeds of hate


Paternal gifts from the fraternity

For all their sisters at the gate

Will always last they say from here until eternity

We must not steal the food from hungerís plate




Everything I ever thought that I might want to say

Already got said by someone else in a far more elegant way

Why express myself when no one really listens anyway

Someoneís quoting Shakespeare every moment everyday


The spoken word is wasted when a look can say it all

Why ask how it tasted or the meaning of a scrawl

TV scripts radio shows and shopping at the mall

Lyric sheets can clearly state what I canít say at all


Itís just a matter of opinion what? Oh well never mind

You werenít listening besides Iím just talking myself blind

Donít even bother looking thereís no meaning there to find

Itís a pointless conversation of an unproductive kind



Hole in My Soul (Insane)

Thereís a hole in my soul

Yeah I fill it up with pain

And like rock and roll

Itís driving me insane


Youíve been hard on my heart

Over and over again

Youíve been doing your part

In driving me insane


Thereís a strain on my brain

Yes itís all that remains

Of the mind that was mine

But I have gone insane


Where is the sun

In this endless rain

And where is the one

Whoíll take away my insane





Love love love

I donít know what to do

All I think of is you

You you you

You are all I see

I guess that itís just me

Me me me

I donít know what to do

So in love with you

Love love love

I donít know what to feel

When you make love

So unreal



Red Boots

Youíre such a sweet dream

You know what I mean

Yí long hair and tight jeans

And red boots

Hard core attraction

Hot interaction

I need satisfaction

Red boots

Yeah you look so fine

I wish you were mine

And Iím losing my mind

For red boots

Come on and love me

If you want to be free

Iíll make you happy

Red boots




Words words words

I waste them all the time

Words words words

The pages stained with pain

Words words words

Between sin and isolation

Words words words

Words can be a dangerous operation

Words words words

Words to kill and words to heal

Words words words

Words to give and words to steal

Words words words

Why canít I express the way I feel




Piddle in the middle udder riddle as the widower

Diddled underneath the little fiddlerís frock

An diddy boy or dinny suck

The little

Beggar boyís cock?

Ravenously consuming

His cavernous bloomers

Slavering and slathering it

To the tune of his too incautious tongue

And he stung the young lad well nigh in the bum




Hymn of Forgiveness

A hymn of forgiveness

Given only of stress

Living less for the more

And more for the less

I guess this foolish mess

Is all for the best

But the tightening in my chest

Feels like lightning the most

And like comfort the least

And the beast in my breast

So alive Iím nearly dead

Iím surprised to find out

Itís all in my head



Lady du Pris

Lady du Pris

A woman of price

Lady tres long

A woman so far

Lady du lac

A woman so wet

Lady du Pris

Let me place your bet




Long black hair

And skin so fair

A kiss as fine as wine

Steel sharp wit

A slick tight fit

And wonít you please be mine

Voice so loud

And walk so proud

A figure oh so fine

Sweet hot sweat

I canít forget

Iíve got to cross your line

Weíll create

A perfect state

Of majik bliss divine

Be my moon

Iíll be your sun

I know that we can shine

Iíll be there

When gentle air

Blows through sighing pine

Dry your tears

Iíll face the fear

That shivers down my spine



Make Love to Me

You donít have to make me slippery

Iím as wet as I can get

You donít have to trip me

You just got to be the best

Iíve had yet

Yígot to

Make love to me

Make it up to me

Make love to me

All nite long

You donít have to make me happy

Iím glad as I could be

I donít need you to slap me

You just got to be all

You can be


You donít have to make me smile

You donít have to soothe my fears

You just got to make me wild

You donít even have to

Dry my tears


You donít have to make me angry

You donít have to make me cry

You donít have to hang me up

You donít even have to get me high you just got to




Y M I so damn compulsive

Y M I so damn extreme

I guess Iím just too aggressive

Iím just too obscene

Y M I so damn impatient

Y M I so damn deranged

An intense infatuation

Slowly driving me insane

Y M I so goddamn foolish

Y M I so damn whacked out

Sometimes Iím so goddamn mulish

That I simply canít back out




Tie me down

Beat me up

Turn me round

Fill my cup

Softly stroke

Take it off

Have a toke

Please donít cough

I want everything

Pull me in

Push me out

Suck me hard

In your mouth

Give me head

Your majik kiss

Upon the bed

Achieving a state

Of sexual bliss

I want everything

Ball me love

Call me names

So far above

These petty games

Feed my lust

Drink my juice

Youíre so tight

It makes me loose

I want everything

Itís a gas

But not the same

Fine piece of ass

As hot as flame

White hot blast

Of icy fame

Not so fast

Oh shit

I just came

I want everything



Kissing the Teacher

When I was just a boy

I went to nursery school

And even as a child

I thought I was no fool

Iíd kiss the little girls

Because that broke the rules

But now Iím reaching higher

Now I kiss the teacher

I think of all the education that I miss

But then my homework was never quite like this

Níest ce pas?



Bastard to Bitch

Orgasm to sarcasm

Lust straight to pain

Heart turns to hate

Sweet shifts to snide

Love into anger

Blessings to curses

Tender too violent

Kind words to slurs

Softness to slaps

Passion to silence

Hugs turn to tears

Whispers to screams

Kisses to spit

Bastard to bitch




I donít need a million bucks

Money only makes you greener

I just want my pickup truck aní Jalina

I donít need no fancy yacht

Down at the marina

All I needís my swimmin pool aní Jalina

I donít need no French masseuse

In Los Angelenos

All I want is my lemon juice aní Jalina

Donít need no Mercedes-Benz

My bicycle is cleaner

All I wantís my few close friends aní Jalina

I donít need no DJ man

To say Iím hot on the scene

All I needís an old guitar aní Jalina

I donít care for big hair girls

Or high school beauty queens no

I just love that string of pearls aní Jalina

I donít look like Cary Grant

On the silver screen

All I gotís my pair oí pants aní Jalina

I ainít much of a Valentino & I ainít no Jimmy Dean

All Iíve gotís the stars above and think I could fall in love



Be My

Be my brother

Be my sister

Fuck that stupid


Be my mister satisfaction

Be my mistress sofistication


Be my blood hole

Be my blister

Be my master of


I only kissed her wrist you bitch

I swear itís no exaggeration


Be my father

Be my mother

Yes I missed her


Simple sexual relations

I could use a long vacation


Be my lover

Be my cover

No restrictions

Quick convictions

Agony to pure elation

Who the fuck needs information



Sand Castles

Sometimes sand castles

Have ivory towers

That just wonít wash

Into the sea

Sometimes they only

Last for hours

Sometimes eternity

Some times and places

Drag on forever

You canít get where

You want to be

Others pass away so soon

You didnít even see

Some holy houses

Have walls of stone

That never set you free

And the one Iím in

Might be a sin

But at least the sun

Can shine on me

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Somewhere Sometimes

Bright shining light

Fire fly through the sun

One with all and all are one

Smiling styling rays warming comfort

With you the pretty witty star of my life

From here until whenever and perhaps until forever

Letís face it youíve got to have some happiness somewhere sometimes





Blood heart brother

Friend o mine

Where would I be without thee?

My life has a much sweeter taste

And the world is a much safer place

With you here

And I would not be without thee.

I pray every day that we always will stay

Together as one

Since life is so much less fun for one

And truly more beautiful

Much better far

As we two

And even if I had to

I still wouldnít be

Without you.

A poor man made rich

Though Iím sometimes a bitch

Or quite like one

Iím healthier and wealthier

Far in your company

Just basking with you in the sun

Or our walks in the rain

With us straining our brains

On the infinite convolutions

Of our lives and our women

And I hope I can someday repay

All the help and the love

And passionate compassion

Youíre constantly sending my way

But the feats that weíve dared

And the lovers weíve shared

Can never compare

To the heartfelt devotion

And deepest emotion

That grows longer still

Than our hair.

Peace my brother.

I love you.

†††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Sodomize Your God

Mysterious so serious

I slowly grow delirious

Imperiously leering

At the queers who smear

Their tears across

The fearful desert

Querying their weary masters

Bating the cheery demons hooks

With sexy books and pictures

Flicking tongues in aspic

Asses pumping humping furiously

Awaiting the interrupt spuriously

Ticking tocking time

Attacking rhythm cock and rhyme

Sublimely chiming bells of hell

So god damned mother fucking


And I cease to wonder why

A certain angel fell

After all, would you try

To sodomize

Your God?





So soft and sexy

Passion grace

And liquid fire

Yes fear I may acquire

Too permanent a taste

For this chaste

Addictive lust

Industrial strength my dear

Or bust

Though I think perhaps

I must be going

Just a bit too

Far and wide

Still the more I get inside

The less I care

For the air out there

And I really truly wish

You would not leave

Me drenched enmeshed

In wrenching sexual contemplation

But I leave you at the station

Since I know the only

Way to keep you happyís

First to let you go

To conquer death you only have to

Die my love goodbye



Starving Muses

Sex love passion peace happiness joy comfort pleasure suck fuck cock come sweet yummy tasty more foreskin sweat togetherness messy smiles yes baby darling lover mother brother sister father cousin aunty mum uncle cozy cuddle power struggle snuggle up my dear grin by the hair of my chinny chin chin bum floss across the waist land jammin within the waste band music of the spheres the crowd cheers wildly one mild

Bit of highness brings the whole damn bunch around midnightís chiming

Stage lights blinding finding any excuses to feed the starving muses




The way you move drives me to tears

Big strong muscles out to here

Ainít seen a body like that in years

Slammin your stick shift into my gears

You just drive me crazy cause youíre


Hot sweet stylin pretty face

Need your leather to go with my lace

Pluckin my feathers with poise and grace

I want your lawyer to try my case

You just drive me crazy cause youíre


Iíd just die 4 your gorgeous eyes

So big soft blue they make me cry

Thereís no need for you to ask me why

Cause youíre the drug that gets me high

You just drive me crazy youíre so





Stepping thru time

The watch growing limper

Draped on kitchen door way

Looking at the stove

Could be Iím going

Out without whimper

Could she be may

Maybe sheís June

In Paris anais

At least another

Whore or lay or stripper

On the rove as you might say

Itís definitely about

Fucking he chuckled

Letís get a bite to eat

But the poet was too beat

And besides the lion was hungry

Might it not be a crime

But itís getting much simpler

Raped the bitch on the willing floor ďHey

He said when it was over

Baby maybe Iíll see you some timeĒ

And that was the end of the play




This insults women could be what they say

Perhaps theyíll say this insults men

Who is they anyway and who says then

That the Avid Dollaria when seeing

And being so paranoid and critical

Had a problem? I (I have noticed)

Am much more creative by day

And much better laid in the night

When embracing the dark and ignoring the light

After all anyone can see the sun

But who can see the abyss?

Picasso was never called an asshole

Or so at least Iím told

And Miles Davis is recalled as bold



Sant & Sinner

Saint and sinner

Loser and winner

One for breakfast

One for lunch

One that Iím saving for dinner


After one or two more

The nun and the whore

Will only be names

Of games that Iíve play

Since Iím the one keeping the score


Bombastic contrast

Losing grip fast

With the right role

Iíll play the right hole

The next one just might be my last


The tame and the wild

The meek and the mild

Childlike eyes

In a demonís disguise

Platonic my lover

Electronic my lies


Holding me closer

Iím dosing my doe

Taking off makeup

And breaking the hoe

But where I go next

I guess nobody knows††††††††††††††††††††††††††††



The invisible poem!









Farmerís Wife

Sacrifice the carving knife

The farmerís wife is dead

The farmerís field a dried up crack

The mice live in his bed


The blood of stones

And cattle bones

Have choked the farmerís seed

And broke the farmerís back upon

A river Styx of greed


The sandy ground

The earth so brown

Completely torn

Worn down and rounded

Topsoil toil lifted and drifting

On winds of pain and drowned in rains

Of blood stained oil and poison grains

The sands of time are drifting



Circle Me

He wants to be your sun

His gravity would hold you tight

His light as bright as day but for tonight

Heís just one of your satellites oh yay

And heís saying circle me

Suckle me

He wants to be your galaxy

Revolve round him or heís too dim

Heís just spinning over you but heís not

Winning over you and heís not

Saying circle me

Suckle me

Are you a black hole strong and chaste

Sucking all right into place

Is he just waste in outer space

Begging for a taste of your milky ways

He keeps saying circle me

Suckle me circle me

Mother suckle me

Lover circle me

Baby suckle me

Oh circle me

O suckle me

Circle me



One of You

One of you

And two of me

The three of us could easily

Be four if only

More of us were

Here to be a part of what we see



Wild and Free

Simple but so complicated

Easy but it seems so hard

Paranoid and condescending

Enemies but oh so friendly

Over now but never ending

So close yet itís oh so far

Screaming now but oh so silently


Slow but oh it goes so fast

Hoping we could make it last

Fast but oh it goes so slowly

Oh so high but oh so lowly

Blew so bad I guess it only

Sucks but it was such a blast

Kiss so deep but fight so violently


Felt so good but oh so tethered

Best but it was getting better

Blessed but it seems so cursed

Bitter it was getting worse

Eloquently growing terse

Look so close but donít go getter

You canít tame whatís oh so wild and free



Slatternly Patterns

Slatternly patterns

Of Uranus and Saturn

Forming forms within forms

Címon storm the warm battlefront

Conform to the norm Norman

Them poor worms canít confirm

Or define the word firmly

The Japs or the Germans

Canít stop the germ warfare

Who cares the blue stairs

Still stare out into darkness

The sharks nibbling swiftly

Adrift on the wavelengths of chaos

Completely oblivious to the holes

In the airwaves the sun streaking cold

On the fields in the distance

Scatter the matter

All over the universe

Slamming the glorious

Damning the glamorous

Stances of princes

Who dance like theyíre prancing

On comets from Jupiter

Maddonaís a vixen

And Nixonís a criminal

War is a whore

And whatís more

This is Babylon sister



Secret Garden

There is a place where

Only we can go

Free from the hurricane

No winter snow

Loverís sweet scent

From the fine lilies white

Meet me in our secret garden tonight


Silken and lace there

The red flowers grow

Humming birds sugarcane

Green fields below

Evening falls bent

In a rainbowís delight

Meet me in our secret garden tonight

The moon on your face stares

In soft ghostly glow

Maybe weíll go insane

Maybe weíll never know

Yet we can vent

Our frustrations in spite

So meet me in our secret garden tonight



Stare at the Stratosphere

Stare at the stratosphere

How did I end up here?

Where did I come from?

And where shall I go?

What am I doing now?

Wait by the telephone

How did I end up alone?

What does it matter

That Iím getting scattered?

A fat old mad hatter I can

Hear the glass shattering

Swallow it slowly

I guess Iím the only one

Standing here shaking with fear

Sinking in whirlpools

Of my own designing

Spinning in spirals

Of morbid delight

Killing the girl foolís

Erotic emotions

The blood wells up rapidly

Filling up oceans

And swamping the ships that go

Bump in the night

Well all fucking




Get Down to It

It came to that

That came to this

This twisted love

Love come to push

Push come to shove

Shove like a shovel

Shove all that shit

Get it on down

Get down to it


He went for her

She came to me

Wanting to come

And she came for me

So he went to hell

Hello my love

Shove all that shit

Didnít need that but

That night it was he


Me I just stared

Stared into space

For the space of a beat

You canít beat that

With your brand new bat

Home base in line

Once I was there

He didnít mind

And I didnít care



Demonic Dominatrix

That demonic dominatrix

Electronic dildo tricks

As she bled the devilís seed

Trickled from that pit of need

Iconoclastic spastic plastic

Masticate the light fantastic

Giving head the monster breeds

Till milky white the serpent bleeds

Screaming chronic temporal matrix

Ticking time and counting licks

Sheís overcome with hungry greed

And slays the beast on which she feeds

Orgiastic gastric bliss picked

From the bones of the weak and the sick

Cheering the dead from their place in the lead

And tearing down the heroís deeds

Empty at last the chamber goes click

Not even feeling the gold needleís prick

Screaming the warning that he couldnít heed

And burying him alone in the weeds



J. McLaughlin

The beauty encompasses my soul

Forms and shapes

Of sound landscapes

Unraped by commercialism

Clear and true

Free and sweet

Filled with heat

Sheets of passion purely risen

The stones of life

Laid out for all to see



Repeat It

The wounded child

Sickly grows

Deformed and bent

Distorted images

Through a filter of hate

Shame anger misery

Shaping our view

Of the universe

Cursing the adults

Weíve fitfully fretfully

Fatefully become

Unaware of the

Wounded child beneath


The chain of human events

Can be long and strained




So ferociously

By the remains of the childhood

Weíve so carefully forgotten

With drugs or a bottle

A fresh piece of

Need fulfillment

Children are really the ones

Who suffer the torment of youth

Adults are only doomed to repeat it

Repeat it repeat it

Repeat it repeat it

Repeat it repeat it

Repeat it repeat it

Repeat it repeat it

Repeat it repeat it

Repeat it repeat it

Repeat it repeat it

Repeat it repeat it

Repeat it repeat it

Repeat it repeat it

Repeat it repeat it

Repeat it repeat it



See Your Face

I live with ghosts

Of the past

At last your memory haunts me

So complete

And I see your face

I see your face

I see your face

I drive by your street

Your eyes in everyone

I meet

Your body soft on every corner

Stoned and I remember

I remember

I remember


Drive my lovers crazy

Tapping on their shoulders

Through my eyes

I think of you

I get a look that I cannot seem

To disguise

To disguise

My self no matter how I try

You make me wait

You make me hate

You make me wait

You made me late

I listen to the tape

You made me

Missing you the way

You laid me

Raped me

Left a scar upon my soul

So deep and wide

And you denied

You denied

Run and hide

Because I remember

I see your face

I remember

I see your face




Mommy Iím a little different

Donít you love me just the same?

Unconditional surrender

Love to me is just a game

Sister cousin doesnít matter

Baseball bats and one mad hatter

Passion going up in flames

So what if I couldíve had her

Rambling on her ceaseless chatter

Cash in on the summer games



New York Days

German beer

A hot damp haze

Loud Bronx cheer

In gridlock maze

These are my New York days

Loud punk rock

And loud proud gays

Everyone comes but

Nobody stays and

These are my New York days

Tall glass towers

Their silver gray

Reflecting not deflecting

Automatic weapons sprays

These are New York days

Sexy hookers evil ways

Uppers piled high on trays

And these are New York days

Village bars

Broadway plays

Shiny cars parked

On parkways on

New York days

Double crosses

Triple plays

Cheap hard drugs

And easy lays

These are my New York days



Watch Out for Women on Trains

Make love to strangers

Ignoring the dangers

Erotic exchanges

While rolling together

The hay in the manger

Has got quite deranged

As she rearranged it

She clearly explained

ďWatch out for women on trainsĒ

Feeling the pangs

Of hunger her fangs

Sinking in drinking

My blood my ears rang

As the siren sang softly

My doom in her womb

She kissed me once sadly

And walked from the room

Saying ďWatch out for women on trainsĒ





America líamerica

Iím Hungary


You were you and I was me and

I was free from

You until I

Saw you the first time

That was the worst time

Oh alas it was

The last time


America líAmerican

Iím Hungary


And wars with whores meant nothing

To the Norse girl

On her horse and grieving

She said was leaving early the following morning


And thereís a trace of

Every face Iíve seen

In every place Iíve been

Because I simply couldnít heed

The young girlís softly spoken warning


America líamerica

Iím Hungary


Guess next Iíll be perplexed

By Czechs whose necks

Are vexed by tiny ripples

Nipples gently floating in a pool of crystal clear blue water


But what the hell

I fell pell mell

Into the well that I created

My thirst was slaked my hunger sated

By their beautiful daughter


America líamerican

Iím Hungary


And here at last the broken mold

Was cast in stone alone and cold

Leaving a message on the phone

Listening to the dial tone in silence


Still in all I must confide

I found I feeling I canít hide

From start to end her twists and bends

Made for one long final of night of violence




A Plane from France

It starts to flow

Bequeathed to men

Beneath my feet

Just like the River Seine

Proud brown towers

Power bright in sunlight

Like the glint upon

The knife within my hand

Perhaps if I felt like a man

My teeth would cease to grind

Iím finding less the more I look

The less I look the more I find

The more I try to find the less I look

If seeing is believing

Why canít I see

What I believe

I canít believe

Iím saying that I

Donít believe my eyes

Or what theyíre seeing

Iíll agree that Iím not praying

But I will say that Iím staying

Far away but not enough

To stay the hand that

Lays the lays Iím bricking

And the bricks Iím laying here

Please believe me when I tell you

That itís purely out of fear




As I look

Out at the clouds

Beneath my feet

Itís cold but I canít

Beat the heat

Try as I might I just

Canít be discreet

Iím just a kook


Yet now itís only

As I swim with

Motherís daughter

I could care less

That the air up here

Is so much thinner

Than the air down there

And Iím lonely


The sky above is white as snow

To go where only angels

Ever dared or cared to go

Itís not just this or simply that

Itís only that the brat is now in love



Slippin Skin

Walking on a slippin skin

Dribble down stream

Screamin on a wanna

Be Madonna in the rain


Talking in a shack in woods

Could got mean

Dreamin in a pin hole

Window fulla sandy grains


Matchin wax n scratchin skin

Widow beat time

Mirror flaxen tracks in braids

Laid n screamin Iím


Tired of ya poppin cork n

Dorkya make me sick

Used t love ya Iím above ya

Catchin that fix


Itís over lovin overloadin

Loaded up high

Iím drivin in on overdrive

And divin on in Iím alive

Iím dead



Piece of Ass

I donít need that coke or booze

Win or lose I donít smoke grass

I donít need no crack religion

I donít go to mass

I ainít choosy little floozy

Pretty Asian lass

Only thing I really needís

Another piece of ass

Perhaps it is evil

Maybe itís crass

Is it only masochistic

Walk on broken glass

Fuck it letís be realistic

The next could be the last

Guess Iíll only miss the past

That final piece of ass

I canít change the future

Donít regret the past

If I can Iíll pooch her

Better have a blast

Come on lover raise your flag

Straight on up my mast

Sorry itís a drag youíre just

Another piece of ass



Tiger with a Spoon

Power pain

Engulfing voids

Passion play

You canít avoid

Orgasm spasm

To icy stare

Too nice to share

Who cares where

The arrow falls

It might knock

On your door next

Too infinite to be complex

Just rips you open


Digging deeper

To express

The unfathomably

Shallow wounds

Feed the tiger

With a spoon

And see how far you get




Exactly protected with protracted grace

Extremely infected her factual face

Extorted distortions of actual space

Exacting confessions retracted with lace

Exhorting contortions distracted by mace

Iím going to go insane in this place



Wild Fire Dry Clean

Wild fire dry clean

Sectional case

Outbound duplex

Preluded clown

Crimson prophet

Destroys nuclear


Storekeeper noble and

Daughter in law

Beget amative caresses

Manila paper man

Protozoan protectionist

Bismuthic ally

Terms regarding


A metrical hailstorm

Harmless receiving

Identity strap straddle

Currency list

Through vagary

Discord pavilion

Prosperity vertex



The Answer Is I Must

The answer is I must

From dust to dust create

A picture of my loins

From thoughts and words purloined

The realm of rhyme and verse

This curse a gift of mind

And mine though it may be

Iíve stolen it from thee

A couplet strained in vain

A fresh quatrain to pen

Though now and then seems new

Iíve borrowed it from you

My sorrows then increase

Nor cease from dawn to dusk

The cavernís grimy musk

Engulfs my shallow husk

Yet still I try again

And though my pen may rust

Why carve it thence in stone?

The answer is I must



I Need

What is the simplest form

Of expression?

A grunt? Tears? Screams

Or violence?

These donít transfer well to

Paper in small characters

Standing for complex series

Of grunts screams and

Violence or single touch

What then is the simplest form

Of expression with words

Or a written musical note?

Single ones

What are the simplest things

To express with words

Here are some:

Hungry thirsty

Horny tired

Perhaps these may

Be summed up

In one word:


And of course every

Poem needs a subject

This therefore is my poem:


I need


Incidentally this form

Of expression doesnít

Work well with music.



I Want

To write a line never written

To speak a word never used

Two thoughts never before

Tied together

Devoid of rhyme or foot

An asymmetric metric tour de force

To twist out new forms of expression

From the depths of my imaginings

I want

To not repeat myself

Nor steal a single line

And entire poem of words

Never seen could be the goal

Of a lifetime never achieved

Neither nonsense nor chaos

Allowed in at all

But only purest expression

Of I know not what

But Iíll find out

When I get there

I hope



I Hope

??Whereís the poem for this title??




Ecclesiastic spastic elasticity

Taking a moment to ponder

My strength of belief

And I wonder

Under what guise the wise men

Sent their Lord to the sheep

There beginning his final demise

I heard God is dead

The pleased disease burns

The Elysian fields

After all itís not easy

To say how I feel

All I know is I have to

Try you canít try

Itís do or do not

And I do


But I do try



Got Away

She got a way of gettin away

Get outta my way Iím in a hurry

I gotta find a piece of the rind

She peeled from my mind but donít worry

Iím OK. Yes quite all right

I gotta way of makin her pay

And I gotta say Iím gonna like it

Open the hatch cause Iím gonna catch

Her makin that match Iím gonna strike it

Iím OK. Yes quite all right



Wrap Your Arms

When Iím frightened cold and lonely

Will you wrap me your warm soft love?

When Iím rigid stiff unyielding

Will you wrap your legs around me?

Well Iím might grow old if only

You could wrap your arms around me

Not so frigid if you feel me

When I take you in my arms

Unfolding it surrounds me

Electric charge it grounds me

Hold me shed your clothes

And letís begin this once again



Die Young

I donít wish to die young but

Iím afraid of growing old

Be careful what you wish for

Because wishes do come true

I hear creativity

Requires solidarity

Necessary solitude

So permanent itís death

The ultimate in enforced

Silent space to ponder

Wandering for eternity

Donít confuse your inspiration

With discreet attempts to copy

Sloppy covert theft is punished

Now with death and itís a proven fact

That only loneliness can let

Your inner voice express itself

Itís truly pure distress

When everything that comes out

Is the product of duress




Sculpture giving precedence

To patterns of the soul

A filament of justice

Identity contempt

Discord humility

Liability phobia

Who stole what from whom?

Flush respect

Stealing infinity

Safety reputes resistance

What does it matter?

Experiment with goodness

Forms and lines of grace

Effortless guilt

Dejection empowered

A homage gallant

Elegant and fierce forever




















From the




Axe About

Itís sprained and drained so sharply pained it makes me slowly go insane and heaven help me but I think the drink might surely kill me willingly filling my mind to the brink but it stinks when itís all you can think about so frantically panicked romantically manic this crazyís on loose again and Jesus please us seems like dreams do not fulfill me this static fanatic just hung from a tree but you see its OK cause he canít live without tripping and flipping he slipped and dipped and shorted like computer chips and saints preserve a breath of death which sweetly chills me stilling the willows their limbs set to crack but the fact is thatís all what the actís about

(and Iíve got an axe about?)

Entwined with the blind we quickly find that the devilís in front an the seaís behind and lawd a mercy I canít sleep a wink but still were just cluelessly fooling ourselves into thinking the ship we are on isnít actually sinking



Quite Trite

Itís quite trite but thatís all right

Ďcause I could rhyme like this all night

Next what else might you expect?

Ah what the fuck letís go get wrecked

Itís a shame but whoís to blame

They beat the nameless beatnik lame

Skinhead punks shot up with junk

Fuck that shit letís go get drunk

Mainline cocaine in your veins

Wired fired silver chains

But Ii must ration out my cash

And so tonight weíll just get smashed

I must say I donít like this trend

And so these stupid lines must end

Drugs just suck and so does drink

Besides us dead folks kinda stink



Hotelís Rocky Shore

The hotel sat upon the rocky shore

It had fifteen rooms and sliding double doors

The double beds and mirrors all were tasteful

Expensive but you couldnít call it wasteful


O no no†† gimme all your love

The summer days were not what youíd call hot

But if you were the swimming pool was cool

We sat and smoked some pot that I had brought

Reminding me of fools I knew in school

Yes yes yes†† gimme all your love

Made me feel like Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Bleeding out my heart like that man Lazarus

Laughing off our heads until we cried

Looking off that edge we could have died

My my my†† gimme all your love

We made it on the rocks south of the docks

Sheíd gotten silk and cotton shirts for me

That night there were no locks upon her box

Sheíd forgotten she was not in love with me

Hey hey hey†† gimme all your love

Thereís no need to dwell upon the past

Thought I had forgotten it at last

But the way the sweat drips from my brow

I feel that I am living in it now

Why oh why




Thereís an angel with broken wings

And with her thoughts unspoken sings

Of days gone by when she could fly

But now she chokes on smoking things

She thinks sheís lonely but sheís not lonely itís only fear

Thereís a tree with falling leaves

And when she hears me calling grieves

For brothers dead cut down in stead

And though Iím stalling she believes

That I am lonely but IĎm not lonely Iím only here


Thereís a tank with dusty treads

In a bank with musty beds

Within a fence for self defense

Of missiles tall with rusty heads


If two are one but oneís not two

Shouldnít I? I guess I ought to

I know theyíre not related thoughts

But you missed me and I got you

Because youíre lonely but youíre not lonely theyíre only tears

Pointless rhyme and endless verse

Shameless grace a nameless curse

To pray for love from god above

Can only make the anguish worse

And I am lonely



Out from Under

Workís a drag girlís on the rag and I

Canít stand it here no more

The winter cold is much too old and itís

Getting to be quite a bore

I need fun and sun and firm tan buns and I

Gotta get me down to the shore and I just

Gotta get out gotta get out

Gotta get out from under

Nine to five just to stay alive and itís

Getting to be quite a chore

Day by day my hair turns gray and Iím

Dying on this killing floor

I need sea and sand and a reggae band and Iím

Headed out that fucking door because I

Gotta get out gotta get out

Gotta get out from under

Work like a dog and I live in a fog and they

Treat me like a whore

Driving me to drinking and Iím feeling like Iím sinking and Iím

Thinking I deserve some more

Itís a rather sticky wicket and Iím buying me a ticket and you

Wonít see me here no more because Iím

Gonna get out gonna get out

Gonna get out from under



Y R U ?

Y ask me?

I donít know

I canít see

Where it goes

Y ask Y?

Y say no?

Y M I?

I donít know



Here with me?


Tryín 2 go?


Tryín 2 B

Here with me?

I donít know


Y R we

So alone?

Y R we

Fighting so?

Y R we

On the phone?

Y R we

I donít know


Starry Skies

Under starry skies

We made love

Under starry skies

We could come


Listen my love

Under starry skies

We could cry

Under starry skies

We could go


Kissing my love

And Iím your slave tonight

Because I

Want you

Under starry skies

We could pray

Under starry skies

We could lay

We could stay



Dissing my love

Under starry skies

We could pass

Under starry skies

We could last a moment

I could pass a moment

Missing my love



Sex Is Pain

Sex is pain

Orgasm death

Love brutality

Friendship lies

Together lonely

Bored tired

Dead depressed

Drunk sick

Drugged up

Whacked out

Masturbating id

Broken ego

Dangerous liaisons

With whores

Sub human

Super ego

Blind sensitivity

Deaf to

Deft expression

Dumb ass

Mother fucker

Alone forever



Spike of the Jones

Itís been days

Since I got laid

Itís been hours

Since I smoked those flowers

Itís been weeks I think

Since Iíve had a drink

I hear the junkiesí angry moans

I feel the spike of the jones


Diet soda no caffeine

Months since I seen nicotine

I donít mainline caine no mo

Over the counter at the store

Years since I seen horse aícourse and

Itís a fact I donít do crack

Itís just aching in my bones

I feel the spike of the jones


Got no acid in my brain

Opium could ease the pain

Got no ether in my nose

How dry I and nobody knows

I donít play no base for free

I donít need no speed in me

No hash in boulders or in stones

Looks like the spike of the jones


No ups or downs to make me frown

No mushrooms growing on the ground

Peyote only makes me sweat

But itís the best that you can get

No angel dust or PCP

You wonít see me smoking tea

You hear it in my angry tones

I feel the spike of the jones



42; The Meaning of Life

It isnít what you say itís how you say it

Who cares what note you play itís how you play it

It isnít where you pray itís what you pay

At least thatís what I heard the preacher say


It isnít how you feel itís how you look

It isnít how you steal itís what you took

Itís not what bit your heel that you forsook

It isnít when you kneel itís in the book


Itís not that Iím a man of God in truth

Iím not much more than angry violent youth

Itís not the forked tongue that speaks forsooth

It isnít what you sayeth itís what you doeth


42: the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.




Youíve got






















So fuck me




Hip style hop style lip style pop style

In style outta style think Iím gonna stay a while


New style old style fresh style bold style

Wild style freaky style just another style child


House style home style burn style turn style

Reggae style stylin blues walk a mile in my shoes


Ranch style branch style mountain avalanche style

Pimp style hoe style limp style no style


Liver style bacon style give her style take her style

Makin style breakin style fakin shakin bake style


Free style tight style wrong style right style

Black style white style time to say good night style


Yo style my style who what where and why style

Try style high style beg borrow and buy style


He style she style you style me style

This style that style which style? The style




Muscles straining

Taut as a wire

Lungs pumping

Heart on fire

Keep pushing

To reach the top

Fingers searching

You canít stop

Itís a long way down


Crave excitement

Live on the edge

Sheer surface

Walking that ledge

Keep on climbing

The mountainís tall

No use hiding

You might fall

Itís a long way down


No room for error

Not one false step

No room for terror

In the heights or depths

You keep returning

For one more climb

Adrenaline burning

Inside your mind

Itís a long way down



Freddy Mercury

Keep yourself alive he said

But just on tape Ďcause Freddyís dead

Jimi just could not fool fate

See ya in the next world donít be late

Mojo rose a bit too high

And died in Paris by and by

Janice J. said hey come on

A piece of her heart is truly gone

Paul is dead or so he said

But now itís John whose gone instead

Stevie Ray V. Slipped his tether

The chopper couldnít stand weather

For John Henry Bonham Moby Dick

Liquor wouldnít do the trick

Buddy Holly Elvis Presley

Marilyn and J.F.K.

Big Bopper Ritchie Valens

Mansfield Hemingway

Sid Vicious Johnny Thunders

Live and died all for a song

I know they donít need my opinion

But this list is too fuckin long



Why Should I Speak?

Why should I speak?

Iíll only be corrected

Why should I sneak?

Iíll only be found out

Why should I take risks?

Iíll only be protected

Why ask for a kiss

The answer is a shout

Followed by a clout

After all we always

Find a way to get rejected

Why ask for a thing

So simple yet denied

Why worry then for death

When everybody dies

It doesnít matter how or when

It only matters why





Begin to wonder


Just start to think


Commence to wonder

Everyone I know

Believes in something


Believe Iíll have another drink


There in the moonlight


Begin to fight


Screaming crying

Scratching biting


Just say goodnight

But I say stay

Donít go no

Please donít go

And I say stay


Begin it over


Just start to try


Become a rover

Running hiding

Flying riding


Just walk on by



Deanís Wife

What do you mean

I was kissing the Dean

Of the Art Departmentís


I might get expelled

But what the hell

Itís all for college


Professor I guess her

Attributes are fine

Wonít you please put down that


After all it is college

Weíre here to gain knowledge

She just taught me some new facts of




Let It Hang

Sit back relax

The trains on the tracks

And thatís a fact

Thereís nothing to

Worry about

Itís all going smooth

So let it all hang out

Get up get off get up get off

Chill out be cool

The fools around might be too cruel

But thereís nothing to worry about

Itís all going smooth

Let it all hang out



Buzz Saw

I had a buzz so I

Got my buzz saw

And I went


Because I had to

Saw her right in two





Deceiving me


Just to get

The sex you so

Badly deserve

The nerve of you

Thinking that drinking

Could be an acceptable rhyme

When you know that in my book

Drinkingís a crime

Youíre a slime



Who What Where When Why and How

Who R U?

What do you think youíre doing?

Where do you think youíre going?

And why?

I am a son of God

Made flesh

Healing spiritual cripples

By sucking on their nipples

Because weíre only ripples

In the water

Iím another dusty star

Driving my brand new Jaguar

Going to hell in a bucket

Just to enjoy the ride

When R U gonna leave baby?

How R U gonna get there?

Who what where when why and how?

I just donít know



Old Friend

Hello old friend

Itís me again

I know you donít wanna

Hear from me but thatís O.K.

Because I didnít want to call

Yet now is now and that was then

I see you donít wanna flatten me

Though we went to the edge

I did not expect to fall

Here I am trying to sing

The same old thing

Your God damned diamond

Ring cuts through the

Mirror of my soul

And yet once more

I try to score

With the same old whore

Who knows who tomorrow





A bear comes dancing eastward forgetting getting hotly interested Jane keeps letting men nibble on protesting querulously remembering she talks under virile walkways xenophobic youth zeitgeists


A boy calls down everything foul ghosts horrible incubi John kills liberals man never overreact people quit raping Sara to understand

Various willows xerography yahoos zilch


A bad cocksucker diddle every faggot guy he intercepted just kidding love my name over-awes people quickly ripping secrets til understatement vilifies women X-rated zips



Images of Passion

Speak to me with your tongue

Tell me whatís on your mind

Finding out is quite

High on my list

Whatever that means

A means to an end

Or ways to a new beginning

To sin by omission is

Gaining redemption

At the close of the

Power play

We pay for our crimes

With the wages of fear

And our tears



Images of Passion II

No spoken word

Just a momentary

Silent scream of


Evocative pure

And powerful

Elapsed instant

In your eyes

Quickly quietly

Slow and loud



On fire

In the water

On the ground

Or through the air




In nights warm






Exciting delightful

That foxy fine walk

Just waiting in the wings

To ignore me restore me

Only to pass me by in the night

For a different quick fuck

In the dark stark naked and panting

Writhing and ranting

Under the touch of another manís hand

Another man standing there

Leaving me crying alone

In the corner stoned and dying

Heartbreak is too inspirational...




We meet

Our eyes touching

At the door

Whatís more our words mask

What weíre thinking

Politeness dissolving

Into real conversation

The curiosity too strong

To ignore or deny

And we go sinking

Into each other


So the party raged on

And nigh and anon

After thither and yon

The spark jumped the gap

Twixt our eyes once again

And you read me

The creative instinct

Surges like pride

Your eyes glowing


With the heat

Of the dancer

And liquor inflicted

Its fire on the soul

And the rolling discussion

Soon took its toll

And with subtle smile

Awkward instant

And you opened yourself to me

My eyes drawn in whirling

On the drawn on pages

And the sketch of you

Being devoured and I smiled

Your eyes shining defiant

And I accepted

Massaging your feet

And angular ankles

Hot sweet desire

Rising up like a fire

Backrub to bite

The night lightly

Kissing my mistressí

Distress under candleís

Caresses the rest of our souls

Melting down to a lake

Of burning pink fire the rhythm

Of your breathing seething

Teeth clenched wrenched into

Scalding emotion molding and melding

Intentional melody of releasing surcease

From our sorrows - and then thereís tomorrow



To Be a Poet

To be a poet;

What the fuck does this mean?

To drink much too much

And to smoke too much green?

To wait in the shadows

To make a new scene

Hungry and angry

Spiteful and mean?

Drug abuse used to be cool

Now itís foolish

But we do it anyway

To stay with whatís hip

Giving lip service to authority (by defying it)

Already hip deep in aspirations

Perspiration building on the brow

Sweat with the reading

By now it seems clear

Itís only the nearness of others

That makes you so fearful

Tearful exertions

In metrical rhyme

Only make one pretend

What they say is sublime

But the truth of the matter

Is that I donít know shit

So who am I to put it down?

But Iím not quite done yet

Though Iím near to destruction

My compunctionís to say a bit more

Thank you for listening

To my fresh life bloodís christening

But now the damned poet

Must go the fuck home



See It Go Out

Inspired desire my heart rate climbs higher

When I think of you

You tasted so sweet and when wasted your heat

Made me drink you in gulps

Engulfed in excitement

Shaking and taking you into my mouth

Later diving deeper

I approached the lovely sleeper

God how I searched your

Face for a clue

The soft curve of your breast

Pressed to my cheek as I suckled

Yet now I know not what to do

Coping with hoping for more of your soul

To see in the dark the spark slowly fading

I donít want to see it go out



Fucking Dreams

How to express how Iím feeling?

Hungry child standing hand on hip

Thirsty for your companionship

High upon the icebergís tip

The rest is intense senses reeling

What to say to explain why Iím crying?

Unused to being alone

The junkie feeling the jones

Strangled himself on the phone

Because of his incessant lying

So I guess then that what I am writingís

To avoid your true claim

That I am to blame

For the close of the game

But at least itís the end of the fighting

You and your fucking dreams



Only Temporary

Hey boy U kinda cute

In a goofy sorta way

Come on in

Make yourself at home

By the way nice poem

You got there

And that long brown hair

Hanging down in your face

Itís quite a disgrace

But U like it

Hey donít look so distracted

Itís OKyou are attractive

In a way

So do you like this?

It all starts with a kiss

The wineís not too fine

But itís mine

Címon have some

Come into my room

I see in your eyes

That you want me

Your sweat full of pheromones

I can tell youíre alone and

Were there any reason to go

Further I would

But it sure feels good now

Maybe later we should

Could we?

Outta my way boy

Iím afraid not

Iíve got no time

To sit and talk

Smile or kiss

Itís not a dis

Itís only temporary



The Performerís Art

The performerís art

Standing naked on the stage

And shaking it

For all to see

My own 2 beís

Or not 2 beís


All inclusive

And what good

Does it do me?

Bending over for the

World to screw me

That note wasnít right

The stage light was wrong

I would have written that song

Differently if I could

Giving it away for free

To show the world a piece of me

So they can step on it

Schlepping the stacks

To play on meaningless tracks

In the studio

Just to bathe in the afterglow

Of TV spots

The game show of life

My wife just left me

Because I donít make enough




Eggs in One Basket

Tonight Iím alone

Youíre far away

And I only have this beer

To comfort me

For a moment

A lover could be

Should be forever

But the light grows dim

Soon youíll be with him

Whoever heíll be

It wonít be me

Your smell and your taste

Will all go to waste

And Iíll find myself wasted

Pasted to the blank page

The wages of sin

Are paid for with death

And laid down to rest

In a casket

Never put all

Of your eggs

In one basket



Pretty Love Song

Iíd like to write you a pretty love song

But I donít know where to start

The words and chords seem to come out wrong

No matter what I do it always needs another part

Iíd love to write you a pretty love song

To make you smile and warm your heart

But love is blind and itís been too long

I am much too crazy and you are much too smart

Love love love I need your

I want to write you a pretty love song

With aim as true as cupidís dart

To beat the drum again and bang upon a gong

But you are too together and weír too far apart

I need to write you a pretty love song

So good it climbs right up the charts

And i would sing it out like King Kong

But the only thing is that I donít know where to start



Sprinting Inspiration

Sprinting inspiration

Printing perspiration

Dripping off the page

Develop mental anarchy

To wit an excellent foil

For boiling off steam

In a way a bit better

Than screaming

Scheming sporadic

Extremes or rhythmic

Patterns from Saturn

Remember to always

Bring something home

From you dreams

It makes the poems

Much simpler



Doctorís aids

Nurses aids

Dentistís aids

Teaching aids

Sexual aids

Marital aids

Walking aids

Talking aids

Homo aids

Hetero aids

Bi aids

Buy aidís


Gonna be

Dead funky

Monkey funkers



She Jumps

She jumps she humps

She pumps up the chumps

She gives them their lumps and then

She dumps that shit

When sheís done with it


She walks she slides

She talks oh so snide

She runs and she hides and then

She bides her time

As she rides your dime


She lies she cries

She buys all her guys

She eats their French fries

And then she tries to get

Her thighs all wet



Donít Have the Nerve

Everyday I see her

Luscious legs and sexy curves

Iíd just love to talk to her

But I donít have the nerve


Driving in my car

I see her face I start to swerve

Love to flag her down but I just

Havenít got the nerve


Full of vim and vigor

Joie de vivre and verve

Voudrais vous cíest soir cherie?

I havenít got the nerve


Iíd say hello miss howdy do

You psycho freakoid perv

How dare you fuckin talk to me?

Boy! Youíve got some nerve!


Take It As It Comes

Riding high upon a hog or picking at the crumbs

You take what you can get from life

And take it as it comes

Cruising in a limousine or walking with your thumb

The average man rides when he can

And takes it when it comes

Cheating on your love for beer or beating on the drums

You take your beatings when you must

And take it as it comes

You may live in tombs of gold or wallow in a slum

You do your best live where you can

And take it as it comes

Take it easy baby and she comes and comes and comes



Alone at Night

Thereís a boy sitting in a chair

He stares out off into space

Wondering what it all means

Subtracting lines and adding beans

He thinks it makes sense

But just for a millisecond

Then he finds itís total chaos

Lost in dreams of love long lost

Heís lonely and bored

Itís Friday nite four a.m.

But he marks the plodding time

And makes another rhyme

Thereís a girl sitting somewhere

In a lovely ancient place

Looking for a friend

With whom she can blend

From far away it looks

A bit like me before the end



One More Line

Iíve got to write just one more line

To make my life complete

Another chord another verse

And fate wonít let me cheat

I realize itís late already

And Iíve nothing left to say

But nowís tonite and thatís all right

Tomorrowís another day

I need to spit out every drop

Of what I have consumed

And if pulled over by a cop

Iím sure that I am doomed

I must rely on tricks and lies

To get just what I need

It isnít what I want to do

Itís just the way I bleed

Why canít I finish just one thought

I know what I must do

Sacrifice yourself for me

Iíll give it all to you

We all fake our way through life

Pretending that we care

But what is there to care about

When there is nothing there?

Yet now Iím too drunk

To continue this shit

So I go to sleep voulez-vous?

I guess that itís time

To forget about it

But itís not something

That I can do





Ripped apart

By uncontrollable urges

To do everything

At once I get

The feeling

I am dealing

With a twisted

State of mind

Classic new

Beautiful ugly

Rough or smooth

An undeniable problem

Like the pain in my hand

From playing too much

Repeated repeated

Stress stress

The less I believe

The wiser I get

I guess




Exit stage left

Oh thatís nice

Following up

So cliche

This is a Christian school

Theyíre not into that stuff

Bad news she canít find work

What am I going to do?

Hardware software

Hot cold exaggeration

Where am I going to go?


Help me please

I donít know what to do



Just a Minute Jessamin

Just a minute Jessamin you know what I need

I need just a minute Jessamin

You lead my soul to bleed

But you know what I need

You know what I need

I need just a minute Jessamin

Magic is something reserved for the few

Someone lie me someone like you but you know what I mean

I mean just a minute Jessamin you know what I mean

Youíre the prettiest girl that I ever have seen

Iím sure you know just what I mean

I mean just a minute Jessamin

That sparkling light in your eyes

If I told you I loved you would you be surprised?

Just a minute Jessamin - what I need





Particle discipline

Engendered exaggeration

One nation under God

Last night just killing me

Filling in time

With pitchers at the campus bar

Back here again with memories of far




Sheís Got It

Tongues entwined finding

Hidden caverns

Slowly declined but

Reclining she quickly


Velvet silk lined binding

Sleep under lanterns

We werenít inclined to

Define it as lust

But she busted out hard

Cause she needed

Young sublime winding

Well ridden horses

So hotly prime cut

Designing to lick me


Forbidden sources

Merely mimed but

Drawing the trusted last card

She silently pleaded

For final release

And she got it


The Stripper

Slithering onstage

Outrageous colors

Drip from her hips

As the beautiful stripper

Silently strips

Shaking her tits

Her eyes are pure slits

Of hatred contempt aching

Her makeup taking up

The slack from her jaw

As she feeds the sex starved

Pigís hungry maw

The matronly saintís

Patient patron relates

His wifeís misery

As his glassy eyed stare

Takes in her hair

And swallows her body with dollars


Mad Bitchís Walls

The evening was warm and damp on the campus

Filling up on beer out of fear of cramping her style

I waited before coming-to her house outrageous

Just stopped by to get high with some friends

But the subject (not object) of my affection

Didnít object to the night and lightly suggested

I crash there with her and I gladly agreed

The seed then well planted it welled up between us

Facing embracing I felt it again the need bleeding

Further it led us to sin

A dangerous desire for

The taste of our skin

Glistening with sweat

Letting our hair down

Listening to the sound of our

Breathing hard like the jet

Planes landing overhead

Pounding heartbeats in rhythm

Kindly grinding just the right spot

Your nails raking me taking me into you

Look in my eyes

Defying me trying

Your best to make me explode

And I did...

Forsaking the dawn

We went on to a

Marvelous day

After all itís not easy

Banging your head against

Some mad bitchís walls




Willa you will or willa you wonít

Willa she might but some just donít - maybe baby

Willa you come or willa you go

Willaís so sure but she donít know - maybe baby

Willa you leave or willa you stay

Willa I believe that I just may - maybe baby

Willa you start or willa you end

Willa you be my very best friend well - maybe baby

Willa you laugh or willa you cry

Willa you ever find out why well - maybe baby

Willa you walk or willa you run

Willa you talk to me pretty one - maybe baby

Willa you dance or willa you sing

Willa you give me everything - maybe baby

Willa you say Iím right or wrong

Willa you help e sing this song - maybe baby

Willa you say Iím wrong or right

Willa you help me win this fight - maybe baby

Willa you freeze of willa you thaw

Willa you feed me your skin raw

Maybe baby



Poems for the Unattainable

A moment of silence

Peace for the past

That lasts but a second

Itís incredible

As you are

Far from the moment

But close to my flesh

The skin tingling mingling

With the heat of my desire

A quick rush of fire

Iím sure you canít understand

The writing of a man

Entranced by your beauty

Alas itís too late

Youíll have to decide for yourself

In the morning




Turn to the left as I burn for you

Cleft into two distinct halves

I learned from the gift in your hands

And swiftly drifted off the cliff

Quietly kissing your cheek

Meekly holding you close

Feeling most like the least

And least like the most

Discreetly drinking you into my eyes

My permeable soul a bowl filled to the brim

As she clings softly to him

I shall cling softer to her

Blurring the cloth of my sight

Might is not all that makes right

And I might



Creation Destroys

Ideas overflowing

Growing grander

Demanding expression

The lessons driving

Force the courses

Coarse trough my veins

My brainís extracting

The root of the matter

There are only two purposes in life:

Learn or have fun

One or the other

But I prefer both

Competition petitions

For entry in my program

Eating me out

Knowing the impending

Creation destroys



Barrel Oí Monkeys

I gotta pussy cat

Clingin to my back

3 times the size of my

Barrel fulla monkeys


An issue made of tissue

Considering the fact

I realize my meat is beat

My beat is gettin funky


Ridin high upon my hog

Soggy fallin off a log

The doggie only wants a bone

Because heís feeling lonely


Sporadic addict in the attic

Climbin on his pretty pony

Sex the single true addiction

All the rest is phony



Killing Time

Passion fashioning glass caskets

Intensity growing boulders flowing uphill

Ďtil the chilling wind is willing

At last you know itís finally

Killing time


Crazy weaving leaves in grass baskets

Destiny density sowing reaping shoulders weeping

Keeping up and filling in fulfilling

The bill is due itís finally

Killing time


Warm performing a last drastic

Immensity knowing better blowing off still the willís

Milling about drilling the hole on the whole

It means nil cause itís finally

Killing time



Torn in Three

Torn in three

As we are me

Also too

Weíre you and he

Turned out

To be

The one

Four years gone

And five loves lost

From silver hair

To golden ring

I havenít learned

A fucking thing



Parting Kiss

I canít believe at last

It comes to this

Left to grieve a

Final parting kiss

Had to leave but it

Was not a dis

The old heave ho they

Never swing to miss

Cleave the beaver

Listen to it hiss

Falling leaves another

Autumn mist

Nil achieved again

On with the list

I could do this to death

But why bother?

I already did



One Eyed Driving

Driving home one eyed

Another day is gone

Whoís to say

What tomorrow brings?

Another lonely asshole sings

About the sound so brown

You play the game

And steal the lines

From someone not much better

Better let her have her way

Itís all the same

I like it all the same

Throw your dice

Take your chance

Get out there boy

Itís time to dance



Back in Town

Spaced back in town

Around bound to destroy

The toy broken hearted

Cut to the bone and

Stoned to the wall

Let he whose conscience is

Clear shed the first tear

After all itís only pain

Draining out of the wound

Entombed in your own mind

Blinded and finding

The same stupid rhymes

Sucks for you fool cool it soon

Or soon you may find out youíre doomed



Hot Box Fox

I been

Waiting all night

Sitting so tight

Ready for you

To get naked


And I canít wait

To meet my fate

I just canít

Wait to make it


Such a pretty little

Hot box fox


Iíve got good news

Wonít give you the blues

Love you to use it

Donít break it


Get off the pants

Do the sex dance

Sweet romance

Letís shake it


Such a pretty little

Hot box fox



Crimes of Lust

Crimes of lust

And violence

Shuddering suffering

Hating in silence

Unable to face

The fact

The unspeakable

Act has happened

To you

This time you lost

Your innocence

Sundering shattering

Inexcusable ignorance

A power play

In case you

Finally cracked

Turned for a moment

And stabbed in the

Back your soul so black

And blue

This time

It happened

To you



Aunt Mary

Quick said Aunt Mary

Shove it in here

Opening her legs

And drawing me

Nearer to cleave

Her wet beaver

With my horn

Like a steerís

Only hornier

Oh hi Dad

Youíre doing

Mary too?

Here Iíll help

You get it in

And Iíll get

The belt her

Svelte velvet

Shelters her poorly

But she seems too

Like it that way




Quick lick the victor

Stick in naked nicked pricks

Crack the brick picture

With quicksand skin flicks

Sick tricky dick fixes

Mixed up with chicks

Kicking candlestick wicks

Pick the hick jackoffís

McDonaldís slick schtick

Fuck icky Nikki Chiquita

Inna Gadda da Vida




Long dong Viet Cong

Ma Jong Hong Kong

Bong hit Long John

So long Viet Nam

Now itís bung for

Bongo in the Congo

Bungle in the jungle

Funny bunnies blow

Your brains out

Slit open your

Dead carcass stuff

The bags of heroin

Into the heroís belly

And ship him home

For the junky monkeys

To feed upon come on

Boys letís go back to war

I miss it



So Dumb!

Why do I speak to you?

Think youíre so tough

Too sweet and true blue

Ďtil the going gets rough

But thatís over now too

So who gives a puff?

A screw is a screw

But enoughís enough

Not much left to do

But call the mad bluff

True witches are few

So lead on MacDuff

A castle for two

And all of that stuff

Time to do something new

Not too bad off the cuff

We dive at two no two

Fluffy muffs in the buff

Too tough so you

Shouldnít try to give me that guff

What did I do to you?

Donít go off in a huff

All of Whovilleís sweet whos

And the billy goatís gruff

So dumb!







N Dís U


N Dís me

U N I know what to do

U N I know what we need

UNI know what they knew

UNI so hungry we feed

Each other our love

Each other our lust

Each other our own

Each other we must

Cosmic orgasmic

Insane and fantastic

Comic and tragic

Profane and so spastic

Never lethargic

Mime and mimic

Optimist cynic

Andy T


Andy T

Andyís you

And Andyís me



The Black Crack

Matter a fact the black crackís getting blacker opening in back the quack shackís a slacker the strack strand demanding the black band disbanding racking up points and joint smoking panderers slandering

The man stuff him into your sack the monkís wearing sack cloth of black sloth and villainy vilifying the priest trying to slap the shot into the crease bear grease the bat pole the cat stole the hat and kung fu threw the bear through the hoop in the ring singing heighdy heigh ho and hody heigh hey the babe stripped her skirt off and lay in the hay praying please mister blister twist my wrist back behind and hell take the hindmost Iím sure I donít mind so I cracked the whip sharply and shouted hi ho bitch you get off the flo and onto yo knees please and please me the best for at best youíre a hoe so she kindly obliged deriding my attempts to hold back the blow so I struck with the force of a hurricaneís blow as she blew me above and blew me below but the sex nexus gets boring and since Iím perplexed convex necks nipple ring the next thing Iíll mention is my mistressí dementia because canít cha see she seems to think Iím her daddy just cause I drink too much but much like the punch line the joke is on me because I think sheís her but she thinks heís me and I am not fucking god dammit so pour that tequila shot you bet your fucking fucked ass that Iíll slam it itís not my fault he used and abused you so why fucking take it out on me when I had nothing to do with it shit bitch I tried to be your friend you cried on my shoulder straight up to the end but now this fuckin drunk punk finds himself all funked up and no place to go itís a damn good thing itís the start of the show I prefer to see ends as beginnings if you donít fucking mind so suck me if you donít cause youíre just fucking blind forgive me if I use the word fuck just too much but the junky is hungry and lonely for touch so drugs are religion and booze is a crutch so what nothingís new about that the fish in the fishbowl is eating the cat Iím freezing diseased freakoid dying inside dying to run and running to hide snidely whipping the lash as long as your paying in cash what the hell felling the trees pell mell straight down into the well of loneliness if only I can get out of this I might survive alive contriving to derive to most from the least at least the beast is tame for the moment a comatose demon steamin up for some more but for now he is sleeping so Iím trying to keep it on an even keel and Iím even beginning to think I can deal with the seal of approval I got from the reel of unreal machinations a nation of television stations living on giving up itís share of food rations for the poor and the hungry so starving and carving up the pie I expect that a piece of it might be for me though I could be wrong as I often am but shirking the quirky serpent I repent my sickness and quickly I find Iím redeemed by my quickness of wit and guile while I start to go wild my bile wells up to defile the temple the pain pounding throbbing and beating my temples down to the ground around sounding the depths my sweet pets assure me my bets are placed safely laced up in lust and busting my gut I just live on a prayer and pray for a butt but my old mad hatterís batter is battered and tornand I scorn the mental floss I had once worn down to ashes and steel and I feel that at last Iíll break from the mold and escape from the past the captain is tied helplessly to the mast but at least in the end I am having one hell of a blast the end period.



Fucking Up

Thinly veiled hostility

Inflamed and blamed for

Tranquilityís disability

True infallibility

Is rare indeed and I need

To get a little if

Iím going to survive

Alive for much longer

Because itís clear

Iím fucking up

Mucked up sucked

Shooting the puck

Into the slot

Not that I mind

Cause itís making

Me stronger

I guess

But the more I belong

The more an outsider

I am





To look with your eyes


A clever disguise


A unit of two


Am lost without you



An hourís despair


Your silken red hair


A gust of cold wind


A suicide sin



A bird on the wing


For a silent gold ring


A name for your wife


Am I wasting my life?


I donít know

Do you?





I Donít Know

Wonít someone point the direction

To automatic soldier redemption

My inherent soul of rejection

Just brings me out of myself


This could be a cartoon creation

Convulsed in astute observation

A single hint of my motivation

Just landed me up on the shelf


To late to print a correction

Remake those broken connections

Upon a moments reflection

I saw it was only a dance


Short sweet flagrant relations

Built upon those pleasant sensations

Must have been imagination

Not really an actual romance



Howard Roark

My hero is an architect

Named Howard Roarke

Just a character in a book

I looked at once or twice

But he was brilliant

Strong and handsome

Like Iíd like to be someday

He dreamed of ivory towers

Shaped like ice

Just like the ones

I tend to dream about

And he loved his art

More than his heart

The way that I should

But never could

And in the end

He won the case

The state could not deny

He had the right to fight

For what he believed in

The way that I donít

He loved a woman

Who fought him every

Step of the way

The way that mine do

But unlike me he

Was able to

Take it like a man

I only lose

The best I can



Better Off Alone

I sit here at work and moan

Waiting by the telephone

Donít know why I do it when

I know that it will never ring

I bet that Woody Allen

And Mia Farrow mustíve known

That this lifeís way too crazy

And theyíre better off alone

After all this time Iím

Doing time for you again

Donít know why I do it when

My God it hurts like anything

I suppose you wouldnít miss

Someone you had never known

And finally I decided that

I must be better off alone

I must have forgotten only

What itís like to be so lonely

To write a brand new tune to sing

Consider me long gone like Sting

I bet that little Miss S. Brickell

And old Paul Simon mustíve known

What itís like Ďcause they both told me

I am better off alone

I didnít mean to make you angry

You did not drive me to drink

I guess our boatís two mad captains

Were always bound to sink



Jesus and the Devil

Jesus and the devil sat down

Over some sandwiches and

Talked of loose alliances

And piousness appliances

Evaluating their finances saying

This just donít look good


What we needís a fresh new burst

Of really hot publicity

The townships and the cities

With the topless dancing pretties

Are forgetting we exist

So maybe change your price list

When the pagans come around


Even the worth of a human soul

Is subject to inflation

And my old public relations

Are fraught with limitations

It was my very first creation

Theyíre overdue for a revue

And the devil said ďThatís right!

In fact, God damn, me too!Ē†††††††††††††††





Tiger on the Stalk

I am always hungry†††

I donít want to talk

I am only sorry

When I am cocked

Fuck! Iím in a hurry!

Damn! The doorís locked!

You donít have to worry

Just go for a walk

Snowflakes start to flurry

Drop the concrete block

Beat it mister furry

Stuff it in a sock

Favor someone elseís curry

You donít have to knock

Love that pretty pussy

Cat a tiger on the stalk



Thatís My Favorite Part

I want to play in your playroom

Lie in your library

Study in your study babe and

Eat you in your eat in kitchen


I want to taste you in the basement

Stare out your bedroom window

Lay down in your bed babe with

You near me soft and warm


Because thatís my favorite part


The way that I am feeling

Gotta tie me to the ceiling

Of your church so I can worship

You again from far away


I must drink from the fountain

In the temple of your body

I need the sacred water

From your lips so divine


Because thatís my favorite part


I am yours but you are not mine

We are not what we were

I donít know if it was my fault

Did you make it too hard


It always came so easy

Seemed to go by too quick

I guess I need redemption

Because I have sinned too much


Because thatís my favorite part




I feel better

Maybe I shouldnít

But I do

For a good time

Blah blah blah

I shouldnít let her

I thought I couldnít

But I can

Not a bad line

Blah blah blah

Sheís a bad bed wetter

I knew we would but

Itís a weak rhyme

Blah blah blah

Did I hear someone say


Kill her





Crucify my love


Crucify my love


Drag me to the bedroom

Tie me to a tree

Take that silver spike you like

And drive it into me

Damn your wild abandon

One more cross to bear

A corny horny thorny crown

A whip my flesh to tear


And you just


Crucify my love

You crucify

Crucify my love


Iím just lookin to hook up

Cook up something quick

One more messy blessing for

My sword your side to nick

After a while I woke up

We broke up feeling sick

Jamming in my slick sticky thickness

Slammed upon the bricks


And I was


Crucified by love


Crucified by love



Mental Block

Gotta be a mental block or something like that

Ought to be a law against that kinda shit

Bought a new car and a fresh out fit

Caught a fresh fish now eat that dish (why is this here?)




Pages and pages of maniacal rages

Sagely advice built from ages and ages

Spent gauging reactions of the young and the sexy

Caged by the mages and strapped to the stage


The wages of sinís paid with death so I hear

But only the weak and the fearful shed tears

Wearily grinding the gears of creation

These painful relations could go on for years


Hereís to the ashes of infrequent clashes

Cashing in big on those beautiful lashes

Bashing my brains out and glued to the windshield

Trapped in the wreckage when caught in the crash





Body Party

Everyday sunshine

Ignore all the rain

Time 2 get happy

And forget your pain

Iím sure you know

No need to explain

Fuck being normal

Letís all go insane

Body party body party body party body party


You may have to work it

But itís not a strain

You only need your body

Never mind your brain

No experience required

We are happy to train

And we aim to please so

Please make that plain

Body party body party body party body party


You can ask Jon Doe

I would rather have Jane

And I donít like busses

I prefer a plane

I never like to lose

But I like to gain

And the main thingís butt

But her buttís in Maine

Body party body party body party body party




I + U = 0

U N I = 0

U R nothing

I M nothing

We R nothing

It was all

A complete waste

Like this poem

U + I = 0

I N U = 0

Nothing new about this

Itís just a stupid kiss

A single momentís bliss

That turned into a dis


Where Are All My Friends

Where are all my friends tonight?

Itís supposed to be a party

Where are all the pretty girls

And why arenít they with me?

Whereís all the happiness

I recently heard about and

Whatís all this hype about

And why am I so alone?


If I were a rock star

Or big in the movies

If I drove a fast car

It would be groovy


If I had lots of money

The pretty little honeys

Would flock to my side

I wouldnít have to hide

I wouldnít be so fucked up


If I had power

The lovely little flowers

Would play with me for hours

These constant downpour showers

At last would finally stop


But I have none of the above

My bank account for love completely overdrawn

A swan shot down in flames

The names of all my lovers

Carved upon a heart of stone

And once again my night will end

And Iím still all alone

Honing killer instinct

Drinking bitter poison

Poised on the edge of destruction

Shunning human company forever



More Diamonds

Itís really not that difficult

The cult of personality

Tenaciously affiliated

Sated with reality

Teasing my infinity

Sets my teeth on edge

Allegedly belligerent

Intelligent intentions

Senseless obligations

Impatient observations

Shunning muddy water

And leaping off the ledge

Slaughtering the weak

Meekly speaking words

Of wisdom birds in the

Third eye blinded

Dead of inability

A host of inequalities

Probably forgotten

Bought a diamond mine

I mind much less

The more I find




The main thing was twist

A wistful situation

Just getting me pissed

One to another a mother or brother

Forget all the others

Follow the bouncing ball

The toll is paid all in all

Braided in steel at the mall

I feel like a martyr

At the heart of the sun

Exploding as one with a partner

Blistered my nerves like a soul sister

Soon as we kissed



Donít Look Now

I am dying crying eye donít know why not sure how

But please my God oh donít look now


I am sick and tired whacked out cracked up wired

Completely stoned and plowed

But please God oh donít look now


I am rotting from the inside

Trying to hide the fear I feel

I fear that I will never heal

A page ripped from a book

I know how I must look

So oh my God please donít look now




The dancers move in time

Flex twist bend and spin

Subtlety still sublime

Mind kiss soft like sin


Eloquent motion divine

Next bliss mends the twins

Passion devotion of mine

Entwined so deep within


The dancers drift apart

Break wheel dip and run

Turning back to start

Hearts burning like the sun


Advance pause shock retreat

Roll flip jump and fly

Impels emotion sweet

And pleases every eye

Including mine




Lash out thrashing madly

Still unmoving stone

Sink down sadly

With a groan

Captured silence

Applied vigorously

To the bones

Of the youth

Who under duress

Undressed and

Told the truth

Cash in on the action

Place your bet right here

Drinking the captain

And wasting your tears

Random violence

Stoned garrulously

Babbling stupid

To the wall

Or an under impressed

And depressed

Book of Ruth

Destroyed the

Restless dreams

Of the uncouth

Perilously close

To a dose of

My own medicine

Handle that damn

Man handle




Kiss My Ass

All right then

Here we go

Another town

And one more blow job

Show Ďem whatcha

Made of Johnny