This is the sailing page. Here upon I put links to my various sailng endeavors and general sailing info for other die hard sailing types who'd rather beat to weather than motor.

My First Boat: The schooner Abigail who is now back in the Thames river in New London CT where she was built. Funny how things come full circle.

My New Boat:
The Albin Vega 27 These pics are what the Albin Vega is supposed to look like. "Gala" (my name for her - she had none) is a dark blue (soon to be new awl gripped black) 1977 Albin Vega 27 designed and built in Sweden. Gala has a dual meaning in Swedish: It's the crow of a rooster and, of course, a big party! Getting her was a real bitch but I just sent in the registration papers so with luck she'll be officially mine soon. Hence I post these new pictures:

My First Long Distance Race:
The story of the 2003 Around Long Island Race which we aboard Indecent Proposal, an S2 10 meter, won for our class. One of the top five greatest experiences of my life and the inspiration for many of my recent paintings.

My First Cruise as Captain:
The tale of cruising the West coast of Florida aboard a 29' Nouveau sloop with my friend Mike and the pictures thereof.

Hudson Sailing links:
Haverstraw Marina - I worked here for a year after a season working at
Samalot Marine. I can't say enough good stuff about these guys.
Bob Wheeler and George Samalot are the kings of Hudson river racing and sailing.
Chelsea Yacht Club - Nicest yachties I've met. Really cool people, great club.
Boating On The Hudson

Some Sailing e-Zines:
- I'll try to put the most useful ones here. Until then use Google.
Sailing Source
Sail Magaine
Sail Net

Good Cruising Tales: - For those who dream of sailing away...
Cruising News
My Sailing Odyssey - e-book by Pete Lutus. Amazing story. Must. Read.
Bringing Lyra Home

Buying Boats: - There are a million of these but here are the ones I tend to use.
American Boat Listings

Send me cool links, boating stories, whatever. Get in touch dammit!

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